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Pichka, V. E. (1965). On the spider fauna of the caves in the west Transcaucasia. Zoologicheskiń≠ Zhurnal 44: 1190-1196. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Carpathonesticus ljovuschkini Nesticidae 1194, f. 3 (Df) Nesticus ljovuschkini
Iberina ljovuschkini Hahniidae 1191, f. 1 (Df) Iberina ljovuschkini
Nesticus birsteini Nesticidae 1193, f. 2 (Dm) Nesticus birsteini
Troglohyphantes birsteini Linyphiidae 1195, f. 4 (Dm) Troglohyphantes birsteini
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