Included taxa

Yaginuma, T. (1965a). Revision of families, genera and species of Japanese spiders (2). Acta Arachnologica 19: 28-36. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Chrysso foliata Theridiidae 35 Chrysso punctifera
Comaroma nakahirai Anapidae 33 (N.B.: may be a member of the fossil genus Balticoroma, per Wunderlich, 2011: 513) Comaroma nakahirai
Hygropoda higenaga Pisauridae 32, f. 2.1-7 (Tm from Dolomedes, Df) Hygropoda higenaga
Meotipa argyrodiformis Theridiidae 35 (Tf from Topo=Thwaitesia) Chrysso argyrodiformis
Phoroncidia pilula Theridiidae 34 Phoroncidia pilula
Pronoides brunneus Araneidae 26, f. 1.5 (Tf from Wixia) Pronous minutus
Pronous tuberculifer Araneidae 29, f. 1.3 (m) Pronous tuberculifer
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