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Benoit, P. L. G. (1966c). Les Barychelidae-Barychelinae africains et malgaches (Aran.-Orthogn.). Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines 74(3-4): 209-241. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cyphonisia affinitata Barychelidae 240 (lapsus, incertae sedis, probably S of Pisenor notius) Cyphonisia affinata
Cyphonisia annulata Barychelidae 224, f. 13-15 (Df) Cyphonisia annulata
Cyphonisia itombwensis Barychelidae 226, f. 19-22 (Dmf) Cyphonisia itombwensis
Cyphonisia kaesseri Barychelidae 241 (incertae sedis, type destroyed, no Cyphonisia, rather to Sipalolasma - taken as nomen dubium by Platnick, 1998: 136) Cyphonisia kaesseri
Cyphonisia kissi Barychelidae 234, f. 30-33 (Dmf) Pisenor kissi
Cyphonisia maculata Barychelidae 214, f. 3 (f, T from Pisenor, S of Pisenor tullgreni) Pisenorina maculata
Cyphonisia maculipes Barychelidae 241 (incertae sedis) Cyphonisia maculipes
Cyphonisia nigella Barychelidae 233, f. 27-29 (m) Pisenor nigellus
Cyphonisia obesa Barychelidae 225, f. 16-18 (Dm, S of Cyphonisia limbata) Cyphonisia obesa
Cyphonisia rastellata Barychelidae 241 (incertae sedis, probably S of Pisenor notius) Cyphonisia rastellata
Cyphonisia straba Barychelidae 223, f. 10-12 (Df) Cyphonisia straba
Pisenor notius Barychelidae 230, f. 23-26 (m, S of Pisenor hoehneli, P. incertus and P. pustulatus) Pisenor notius
Sipalolasma bicalcarata Barychelidae 238, f. 37-39 (f, T from Pisenor) Sipalolasma bicalcarata
Sipalolasma kissi Barychelidae 240, f. 40-41 (Df) Sipalolasma kissi
Sipalolasma warnantae Barychelidae 237, f. 34-36 (Df) Sipalolasma warnantae
Genus Family Page
Pisenorina Benoit, 1966 Barychelidae 214