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Holm, Å. (1967). Spiders (Araneae) from west Greenland. Meddelelser om Grønland 184(1): 1-99. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta jacksoni Linyphiidae 63, f. 82 (m, misidentified) Meioneta rurestris
Arctosa insignita Lycosidae 71, f. 88-89 (f) Arctosa insignita
Bathyphantes eumenis Linyphiidae 64, f. 83-85 (Df) Bathyphantes eumenoides
Dictyna major Dictynidae 87, f. 103 (f) Dictyna major
Diplocephalus barbiger Linyphiidae 28, f. 32-36 (Tmf from Savignia) Diplocephalus barbatus
Emblyna borealis Dictynidae 85, f. 102 (f) Dictyna borealis
Enoplognatha intrepida Theridiidae 7, f. 1 (m) Enoplognatha intrepida
Erigone arctica soerenseni Linyphiidae 31, f. 38-43 (m, Df) Erigone arctica soerenseni
Hybauchenidium gibbosum Linyphiidae 37, f. 44-50 (mf, T from Minicia, S of Hybocoptus dentipalpis ) Hybocoptus gibbosus
Hypsosinga groenlandica Araneidae 68, f. 86-87 (f) Singa groenlandica
Islandiana princeps Linyphiidae 41, f. 51-52 (m) Islandiana princeps
Lepthyphantes turbatrix Linyphiidae 67 (S) Lepthyphantes turbatrix
Mecynargus borealis Linyphiidae 19, f. 16-18 (Tmf from Rhaebothorax=Mecynargus) Conigerella borealis
Mecynargus sphagnicola Linyphiidae 52, f. 68-69 (mf) Rhaebothorax sphagnicola
Pardosa furcifera Lycosidae 90 (m) Pardosa furcifera
Pardosa glacialis Lycosidae 75, g. 91, 92A-E (mf) Pardosa glacialis
Pardosa hyperborea Lycosidae 79, f. 93-94 (m) Pardosa hyperborea
Pardosa oreophila Lycosidae 79, f. 95-96 (m, misidentified) Pardosa saltuaria
Praestigia groenlandica Linyphiidae 48, f. 63-67 (Dmf) Praestigia groenlandica
Sciastes extremus Linyphiidae 54, f. 70-75 (Dmf) Sciastes extremus
Scotinotylus alpinus Linyphiidae 12, f. 5-9 (mf, S) Cochlembolus alpinus
Scotinotylus sacer Linyphiidae 14, f. 10-15 (m, Df) Cochlembolus sacer
Semljicola obtusus Linyphiidae 43, f. 53-62 (Tmf from Scylaceus, S) Latithorax obtusus
Thanatus arcticus Philodromidae 81, f. 97-101 (mf, S of Thanatus lapponicus) Thanatus arcticus
Thymoites oleatus Theridiidae 10, f. 2-4 (mf, S of Theridion oleatum) Theridion oleatum
Typhochrestus pygmaeus Linyphiidae 58, f. 76-81 (Tm from Cnephalocotes, Df; Sørensen's f =Latithorax obtusus) Typhochrestus pygmaeus
Wabasso replicatus Linyphiidae 27, f. 28-31 (m) Diplocentria replicata
Walckenaeria clavicornis Linyphiidae 24, f. 23-27 (mf) Cornicularia clavicornis
Walckenaeria karpinskii Linyphiidae 21, f. 19-22 (mf) Cornicularia karpinskii
Genus Family Page
Conigerella Holm, 1967 Linyphiidae 19