Included taxa

Ivie, W. (1967). Some synonyms in American spiders. Journal of the New York Entomological Society 75: 126-131. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allomengea dentisetis Linyphiidae 130 (S of Helophora ontariensis) Allomengea pinnata
Allomengea scopigera Linyphiidae 130 (S of Helophora sitkaensis) Allomengea scopigera
Ceraticelus micropalpis Linyphiidae 127 (S of Ceraticelus durus) Ceraticelus micropalpis
Ceratinella brunnea Linyphiidae 127 (S of Ceratinella placida) Ceratinella brunnea
Ceratinella parvula Linyphiidae 127 (T from Ceraticelus, S of Ceratinella sphaerica, misspelled sphaerula) Ceratinella parvula
Ceratinops obscurus Linyphiidae 127 (Tm from Masonetta) Ceratinops obscura
Ceratinopsis disparata Linyphiidae 127 (T from Grammonota) Ceratinopsis disparata
Epiceraticelus fluvialis Linyphiidae 127 (S of Scylaceus amylus) Epiceraticelus fluvialis
Erigone atra Linyphiidae 127 (S of Erigone praepulchra) Erigone atra
Eulaira microtarsus Linyphiidae 128 (T from Eulaira) Hillhousia microtarsus
Goneatara nasuta Linyphiidae 128 (Tmf from Souessa) Goneatara nasuta
Idionella anomala Linyphiidae 128 (T from Ceraticelus, S of Ceraticelus guttatus) Idionella anomala
Idionella deserta Linyphiidae 128 (T from Ceraticelus) Idionella deserta
Idionella formosa Linyphiidae 128 (T from Ceraticelus) Idionella formosa
Idionella nesiotes Linyphiidae 128 (T from Ceraticelus) Idionella nesiotes
Idionella rugosa Linyphiidae 128 (T from Ceraticelus) Idionella rugosa
Idionella sclerata Linyphiidae 128 (T from Grammonota) Idionella sclerata
Idionella titivillitium Linyphiidae 128 (T from Ceraticelus) Idionella titivillitium
Idionella tugana Linyphiidae 128 (T from Ceraticelus) Idionella tugana
Islandiana falsifica Linyphiidae 128 (T from Oedothorax, S of Islandiana alata) Islandiana falsifica
Lasaeola atopa Theridiidae 126 (S) Dipoena atopa
Linyphantes aeronauticus Linyphiidae 130 (T from Microneta) Linyphantes aeronautica
Linyphantes orcinus Linyphiidae 130 (T from Microneta) Linyphantes orcinus
Linyphantes pacificus Linyphiidae 130 (T from Bathyphantes) Linyphantes pacificus
Linyphantes tragicus Linyphiidae 130 (T from Bathyphantes) Linyphantes tragicus
Lyssomanes viridis Salticidae 126 (S) Lyssomanes viridis
Maso politus Linyphiidae 128 (S of Acartauchenius columbiensis) Maso polita
Masoncus conspectus Linyphiidae 129 (mf, T from Tapinocyba, S of Masoncus nogales) Masoncus conspectus
Masonetta floridana Linyphiidae 129 (S of Ceratinopsis tybeensis) Masonetta floridana
Mermessus trilobatus Linyphiidae 127 (S) Eperigone trilobata
Neomaso pollicatus Linyphiidae 128 (S of Microneta maculata) Hilaira balia
Ostearius melanopygius Linyphiidae 129 (S) Ostearius melanopygius
Phrurotimpus alarius Phrurolithidae 126 (S of P. annulatus; rejected by Platnick, 2019: 13). Phrurotimpus alarius
Porrhomma terrestre Linyphiidae 130 (Tmf from Sciastes) Porrhomma terrestris
Scylaceus pallidus Linyphiidae 129 (S of Erigone minutissima, Gongylidiellum rostratulum and Scylaceus pallas) Scylaceus pallidus
Souessoula parva Linyphiidae 129 (S of Sciastes ogeechee and Sisicottus atypica) Souessoula parva
Spirembolus selma Linyphiidae 129 (T from Cornicularia = Walckenaria) Scylaceus selma
Tachygyna gargopa Linyphiidae 129 (T from Sciastes) Tachygyna gargopa
Tenuiphantes sabulosus Linyphiidae 130 (S of Lepthyphantes appalachia) Lepthyphantes sabulosus
Walckenaeria lepida Linyphiidae 127 (S of Cornicularia pacifica) Cornicularia lepida
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