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Levi, H. W. (1967b). Habitat observations, records, and new South American theridiid spiders (Araneae, Theridiidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 136: 21-38. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Achaearanea hieroglyphica Theridiidae 22 (S) Achaearanea hieroglyphica
Argyrodes elevatus Theridiidae 32 (S) Argyrodes elevatus
Cryptachaea alacris Theridiidae 22 Achaearanea alacris
Cryptachaea dromedariformis Theridiidae 22 Achaearanea dromedariformis
Cryptachaea pinguis Theridiidae 22 Achaearanea pinguis
Dipoena mendoza Theridiidae 34, f. 38-40 (Df) Dipoena mendoza
Dipoena polita Theridiidae 36 (Tf from Theridula, possible S of D. militaris) Dipoena polita
Dipoena rubella Theridiidae 22 Dipoena rubella
Dubiaranea argenteovittata Linyphiidae 37, f. 45-48 (f) Dubiaranea argenteovittata
Euryopis notabilis Theridiidae 22 Euryopis notabilis
Faiditus solidao Theridiidae 34, f. 32-34 (Df) Argyrodes solidao
Helvibis chilensis Theridiidae 29, f. 17-21 (Dm) Helvibis chilensis
Janula bicornigera Theridiidae 29, f. 22-24 (Df) [] Episinus rio
Janula cuzco Theridiidae 30, f. 25-27 (Df) Episinus cuzco
Mangora v-signata Araneidae 37, f. 42-44 (Tmf from Theridion) Mangora fida
Meotipa pulcherrima Theridiidae 26 (removed f from S of Argyrodes elevatus, S of Meotipa clementinae) Chrysso pulcherrima
Rhomphaea altissima Theridiidae 32, f. 35-37 (f) Argyrodes altissimus
Rhomphaea brasiliensis Theridiidae 32 (S of Argyrodes honestus) Argyrodes brasiliensis
Rhomphaea projiciens Theridiidae 32 (S of Argyrodes feioi) Argyrodes projiciens
Steatoda diamantina Theridiidae 34, f. 41 (m) Steatoda diamantina
Theridion humboldti Theridiidae 25, f. 7-9 (Df) Theridion humboldti
Theridion orgea Theridiidae 23, f. 5-6 (Df) Achaearanea orgea
Thymoites machu Theridiidae 26, f. 15-16 (Df) Thymoites machu
Thymoites palo Theridiidae 26, f. 10-12 (Df) Thymoites palo
Thymoites urubamba Theridiidae 26, f. 13-14 (Df) Thymoites urubamba
Wirada tijuca Theridiidae 32, f. 28-31 (Dm) Wirada tijuca
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