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Locket, G. H. & Millidge, A. F. (1967). New and rare British spiders. Journal of Natural History 1(2): 177-184. doi:10.1080/00222936700770181 download pdf


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Agyneta saxatilis Linyphiidae 180, f. 3C (f) Meioneta saxatilis
Agyneta simplicitarsis Linyphiidae 179, f. 3A-B, D-G (mf) Meioneta simplicitarsis
Centromerus albidus Linyphiidae 178, f. 2A-B (mf) Centromerus albidus
Centromerus serratus Linyphiidae 179, f. 2C (m) Centromerus serratus
Cryphoeca silvicola Cybaeidae 182, f. 5C (m) Cryphoeca silvicola
Gonatium paradoxum Linyphiidae 177, f. 1A-B (m) Gonatium corallipes
Mastigusa arietina Hahniidae 182, f. 5D-E (m; misidentified per Wunderlich, 1986: 69) Tetrilus macrophthalmus
Tegenaria domestica Agelenidae 182, f. 5A (m) Tegenaria domestica
Tegenaria silvestris Agelenidae 182, f. 5B (m) Tegenaria silvestris
Tuberta maerens Cybaeidae 181, f. 4A-C (m) Tuberta moerens
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