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Chickering, A. M. (1968a). The genus Miagrammopes (Araneae, Uloboridae) in Panama and the West Indies. Breviora 289: 1-28. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Miagrammopes animotus Uloboridae 4, f. 1-5 (Dm) Miagrammopes animotus
Miagrammopes aspinatus Uloboridae 6, f. 6-10 (Dm) Miagrammopes aspinatus
Miagrammopes intempus Uloboridae 8, f. 11-13 (Df) Miagrammopes intempus
Miagrammopes larundus Uloboridae 10, f. 14-17 (Df) Miagrammopes larundus
Miagrammopes latens Uloboridae 11, f. 18 (f) Miagrammopes latens
Miagrammopes licinus Uloboridae 12, f. 19-23 (Dm) Miagrammopes licinus
Miagrammopes molitus Uloboridae 14, f. 24-28 (Dm) Miagrammopes molitus
Miagrammopes oblucus Uloboridae 15, f. 29-30 (Df) Miagrammopes oblucus
Miagrammopes pinopus Uloboridae 17, f. 31-33 (Df) Miagrammopes pinopus
Miagrammopes scoparius Uloboridae 18, f. 34-36 (m) Miagrammopes scoparius
Miagrammopes simus Uloboridae 19, f. 37-44 (f, Dm) Miagrammopes simus
Miagrammopes tonatus Uloboridae 23, f. 45-49 (Dm) Miagrammopes tonatus
Miagrammopes unipus Uloboridae 25, f. 50-55 (Dmf) Miagrammopes unipus
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