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Roth, V. D. (1968). The spider genus Tegenaria in the Western Hemisphere (Agelenidae). American Museum Novitates 2323: 1-33. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Eratigena agrestis Agelenidae 5, f. 3-7 (mf) Tegenaria agrestis
Eratigena atrica Agelenidae 2 (S) Tegenaria atrica
Eratigena flexuosa Agelenidae 14, f. 19-20 (m) Tegenaria flexuosa
Eratigena gertschi Agelenidae 22, f. 27 (Dm) Tegenaria mexicana gertschi
Eratigena mexicana Agelenidae 15, f. 21-26 (Dmf) Tegenaria mexicana
Eratigena saeva Agelenidae 29, f. 36-39 (mf, S Tegenaria gigantea, rejected) Tegenaria saeva
Eratigena selva Agelenidae 23, f. 28-29 (Dmf) Tegenaria mexicana selva
Eratigena tlaxcala Agelenidae 24 (Dmf) Tegenaria mexicana tlaxcala
Tegenaria chiricahuae Agelenidae 7, f. 9-11 (Dmf) Tegenaria chiricahuae
Tegenaria domestica Agelenidae 11, f. 13-18 (mf) Tegenaria domestica
Tegenaria pagana Agelenidae 26, f. 30-35 (mf) Tegenaria pagana
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