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Paik, K. Y., Yaginuma, T. & Namkung, J. (1969). Results of the speleological survey in South Korea 1966 XIX. Cave-dwelling spiders from the southern part of Korea. Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo 12: 795-844. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Allomengea coreana Linyphiidae 819, f. 45-47 (Df) Mengea coreana
Blabomma uenoi Cybaeidae 830, f. 52-55 (Df) Blabomma uenoi
Cicurina japonica Cicurinidae 832, f. 56-61 (mf) Cicurina japonica
Cybaeus whanseunensis Cybaeidae 824 (Tmf from Cybaeus) Dolichocybaeus whanseunensis
Draconarius coreanus Agelenidae 837, f. 62-64 (Df) Coelotes coreanus
Falcileptoneta coreana Leptonetidae 799, f. 1-12 (Dmf) Leptoneta coreana
Falcileptoneta yongdamgulensis Leptonetidae 806, f. 22-23 (Df) Leptoneta yongdamgulensis
Iwogumoa songminjae Agelenidae 839, f. 65-69 (Df) Coelotes songminjae
Jacksonella sexoculata Linyphiidae 821, f. 48-49 (Df) Jacksonella sexoculata
Lepthyphantes cavernicola Linyphiidae 815, f. 43-44 (Df) Lepthyphantes cavernicola
Leptoneta hogyegulensis Leptonetidae 803, f. 13-15 (Df) Leptoneta hogyegulensis
Leptoneta soryongensis Leptonetidae 804, f. 16-21 (Df) Leptoneta soryongensis
Meta manchurica Tetragnathidae 823, f. 50-51 (f, misidentified) Meta menardi
Nesticella quelpartensis Nesticidae 812, f. 37-42 (Dmf) Nesticus quelpartensis
Nesticus coreanus Nesticidae 808, f. 24-36 (Dmf) Nesticus coreanus
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