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Tikader, B. K. (1969b). Studies on spider fauna of Khasi and Jaintia hills, Assam, India. Part III. Journal of the Assam Science Society 11: 154-163. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelena gautami Agelenidae 158, f. 17-19 (f, Dm) Agelena gautami
Agelena shillongensis Agelenidae 158, f. 20-24 (Dmf) Agelena shillongensis
Cheiracanthium saraswatii Cheiracanthiidae 157, f. 13-16 (mf) Cheiracanthium saraswatii
Ischnothele indicola Ischnothelidae 160, f. 25-29 (Dmf; N.B.: misplaced in this genus) Ischnothele indicola
Ischnothyreus shillongensis Oonopidae 155, f. 4-8 (mf) Ischnothyreus shillongensis
Scytodes mawphlongensis Scytodidae 156, f. 9-12 (m) Scytodes mawphlongensis
Triaeris khashiensis Oonopidae 155, f. 1-3 (f) Triaeris khashiensis
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