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Roth, V. D. & Craig, P. R. (1970). Arachnida of the Galapagos Islands. Mission Zoologique Belge aux Îles Galapagos et en Ecuador (N. et J. Leleup, 1964–1965), Résultats Scientifiques 2: 107-124. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anyphaenoides pacifica Anyphaenidae 120 (Tmf from Aysha) Teudis pacificus
Frigga crocuta Salticidae 121 (S F. bispinosa, rejected) Phiale coronigera
Hogna albemarlensis Lycosidae 120 Lycosa albemarlensis
Hogna galapagoensis Lycosidae 117 Lycosa galapagoensis
Hogna snodgrassi Lycosidae 121 (Tmf from Isohogna=Hogna) Lycosa snodgrassi
Latrodectus apicalis Theridiidae 121 (removed from S of L. mactans) Latrodectus apicalis
Tmarus stolzmanni Thomisidae 121 (Tm from Onocolus per Roewer) Tmarus stolzmanni
No genus found for this reference