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Yaginuma, T. (1970d). The spider fauna of Japan (revised in 1970). Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo 13: 639-701. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alopecosa nemurensis Lycosidae 667 (Tf from Avicosa=Schizocosa) Pardosa nemurensis
Alopecosa virgata Lycosidae 666 (Tf from Lycosa) Alopecosa virgata
Arcuphantes ashifuensis Linyphiidae 651 Arcuphantes ashifuensis
Arcuphantes delicatus Linyphiidae 651 (T from Otunus) Arcuphantes delicatus
Arcuphantes osugiensis Linyphiidae 651 Arcuphantes osugiensis
Arcuphantes tamaensis Linyphiidae 651 Arcuphantes tamaensis
Arcuphantes troglodytarum Linyphiidae 651 Arcuphantes troglodytarum
Arcuphantes yamakawai Linyphiidae 651 Arcuphantes yamakawai
Cybaeus okafujii Cybaeidae 663 (Tmf from Cybaeus) Dolichocybaeus okafujii
Diaea subdola Thomisidae 668 (S of Misumenops yunohamensis) Misumenops japonicus
Doenitzius pruvus Linyphiidae 651 Doenitzius parvus
Epibellowia septentrionalis Linyphiidae 651 Arcuphantes septentrionalis
Kishidaia albimaculata Gnaphosidae 676 (Tf from Castianeira, Sm) Kishidaia albimaculata
Masirana akiyoshiensis Leptonetidae 647 (Tmf from Leptoneta) Masirana akiyoshiensis
Orienticius vulpes Salticidae 670 (S of Breda lambdasignata) Euophrys undulatovittata
Oxytate striatipes Thomisidae 669 (S of Dieta japonica) Oxytate striatipes
Pardosa hortensis Lycosidae 667 (S) Pardosa hortensis
Pardosa paramushirensis Lycosidae 667 (Tf from Lycosa) Pardosa paramushirensis
Phintella linea Salticidae 671 (S of Sitticus bilineatus; rejected by Prószyński, 1971c: 207, see Phintella arenicolor) Jotus linea
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