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Bücherl, W., Timotheo da Costa, A. & Lucas, S. (1971). Revisão de alguns tipos de aranhas caranguejeiras (Orthognatha) estabelecidos por Cândido de Mello-Leitão e depositados no Museu Nacional do Rio. Memórias do Instituto Butantan 35: 117-138. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthoscurria gomesiana Theraphosidae 124, f. 28 (f) Cyrtopholis zorodes
Actinopus crassipes Actinopodidae 121, f. 2 (m, manuscript name by Mello-Leitão, tentatively identified as A. c.; actually the type of A. ceciliae) Actinopus niger
Actinopus paranensis Actinopodidae 121, f. 3-4 (m) Actinopus paranensis
Chaco melloleitaoi Nemesiidae 127, f. 50-51 (Dm; N.B.: not mentioned by Goloboff, 1995) Neostothis melloleitaoi
Cyclosternum schmardae Theraphosidae 124, f. 26-27 (m) Cyclosternum schmardae
Cyriocosmus elegans Theraphosidae 126, f. 42-43 (Tf from Cyriocosmus, rejected) Chaetorrhombus semifasciatus
Cyriocosmus fasciatus Theraphosidae 125, f. 35-37 (mf) Pseudohomoeomma fasciatum
Diplura lineata Dipluridae 122, f. 15-16 (Dm) Harmonicon nigridorsi
Diplura macrura Dipluridae 128, f. 12-14 (m, Sf) Thalerothele uniformis
Dolichothele exilis Theraphosidae 127, f. 52 (f) Dolichothele exilis
Dolichothele exilis Theraphosidae 128, f. 53 (Dm) [] Leptopelma nigrioculatum
Homoeomma montanum Theraphosidae 126, f. 38-41 (mf) Tmesiphantes montanus
Idiops petiti Idiopidae 121, f. 5 (f, S) Idiops petiti
Iridopelma hirsutum Theraphosidae 126, f. 44 (f) Avicularia palmicola
Ischnothele annulata Ischnothelidae 123, f. 19-20 (f) Ischnothele zoroda
Ischnothele caudata Ischnothelidae 123, f. 17-18 (Df; regarded by Brignoli, 1983c: 125, as a formal description of the undescribed "types" of Mello-Leitão) Ischnothele sexpunctata
Linothele aequatorialis Dipluridae 117, f. 8 (S) Diplura aequatorialis
Linothele fallax Dipluridae 122, f. 9-10 (f) Uruchus fallax
Linothele gymnognatha Dipluridae 128 (S) Diplura gymnognatha
Linothele paulistana Dipluridae 122, f. 11 (f) Diplura paulistana
Neodiplothele fluminensis Barychelidae 128, f. 45-49 (m, S) Neodiplothele fluminensis
Proshapalopus multicuspidatus Theraphosidae 123, f. 21-24, 33-34 (Tm from Phormictopus, Df) Cyclosternum multicuspidatum
Vitalius nondescriptus Theraphosidae 125, f. 29-31 (Dm; N.B.: omitted by Brignoli; according to Silva-Moreira et al., 2010: this name was based on the holotype of Hapalopus nondescriptus, and is therefore a junior synonym of that name, but Silva-Moreira et al., 2010 provided no evidence justifying a placement of the species in either genus) [] Cyclosternum melloleitaoi
Vitalius wacketi Theraphosidae 129 (Tm from Eurypelma=Avicularia, erroneous S of V. dubius and V. vellutinus) Pterinopelma wacketi
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