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Chickering, A. M. (1972a). The genus Oonops (Araneae, Oonopidae) in Panama and the West Indies. Part 2. Psyche, Cambridge 78(3, 1971): 203-214. doi:10.1155/1971/26376 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Heteroonops castellus Oonopidae 206, f. 12-16, 18-20 (Dmf) Oonops castellus
Heteroonops croix Oonopidae 206, f. 17 only (m; misidentified per Platnick & Dupérré, 2009c: 64) Oonops castellus
Noonops floridanus Oonopidae 211, f. 26-30 (Dm) [] Oonops gertschi
Oonopoides endicus Oonopidae 209, f. 21-23 (Dm; not f, f. 24-25, =O. iviei) Oonops endicus
Oonopoides iviei Oonopidae 209, f. 24-25 (f, misidentified) Oonopoides endicus
Oonops balanus Oonopidae 204, f. 1-11 (Tmf from Telchius, renamed because O. placidus is preoccupied by Dalmas, 1916) Oonops balanus
Oonops ronoxus Oonopidae 212, f. 31-34 (Dm) Oonops ronoxus
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