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Deltshev, C. (1972b). A contribution to the study of spiders (Araneae) from the caves in Bulgaria II. Genus Lepthyphantes in Bulgarian caves. Izvestija na Zoologiceskija Institut Sofija 36: 137-147. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Antrohyphantes balcanicus Linyphiidae 137, f. 1-8 (elevated f from subspecies of Lepthyphantes monticola, Dm) Lepthyphantes balcanica
Antrohyphantes sophianus Linyphiidae 145 (Tmf from Bolyphantes, S) Lepthyphantes sophianus
Lepthyphantes centromeroides Linyphiidae 143, f. 9 (f, S of Lepthyphantes bureschi) Lepthyphantes centromeroides
Palliduphantes trnovensis Linyphiidae 145, f. 10 (f, S, rejected) Lepthyphantes spelaeorum
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