Included taxa

Kaston, B. J. (1972a). How to know the spiders, second ed. Dubuque, pp. 1-289. download pdf download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Gnaphosa sericata Gnaphosidae 210, f. 14-15, 33 (mf, removed from S of G. bicolor per Roewer) Gnaphosa sericata
Hentziectypus globosus Theridiidae 109, f. 242B (m) Achaearanea globosus
Megahexura fulva Megahexuridae 60 (Tf from Hexura) Megahexura fulva
Pityohyphantes costatus Linyphiidae 125, f. 16, 282-283 (mf) Pityohyphantes costatus
Robertus banksi Theridiidae 115, f. 257 (m) Ctenium banksi
Robertus riparius Theridiidae 115, f. 256 (m) Ctenium riparius
Genus Family Page
Megahexura Kaston, 1972 Megahexuridae 60