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Wanless, F. R. (1973). The female genitalia of British spiders of the genus Lepthyphantes (Linyphiidae) II. Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 2: 127-142. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agnyphantes expunctus Linyphiidae 132, f. IV.2, V.4, IX.20 (f) Lepthyphantes expunctus
Improphantes complicatus Linyphiidae 131, f. III.2, VIII.14 (f) Lepthyphantes umbraticola
Lepthyphantes leprosus Linyphiidae 130, f. II.1, IV.4-5, 8, V.1, 9, VII.7 (f) Lepthyphantes leprosus
Lepthyphantes minutus Linyphiidae 130, f. II.2, VII.8 (f) Lepthyphantes minutus
Megalepthyphantes nebulosus Linyphiidae 130, f. II.4, VII.10 (f) Lepthyphantes nebulosus
Mughiphantes whymperi Linyphiidae 130, f. II.5, V.2, VII.11 (f) Lepthyphantes whymperi
Obscuriphantes obscurus Linyphiidae 130, f. II.6, VII.12 (f) Lepthyphantes obscurus
Oryphantes angulatus Linyphiidae 131, f. III.3, V.8, VIII.15, IX.23 (f) Lepthyphantes angulatus
Palliduphantes ericaeus Linyphiidae 131, f. III.5-6, V.7, VIII.17-18 (f) Lepthyphantes ericaeus
Palliduphantes insignis Linyphiidae 131, f. III.4, IV.6, V.5-6, VIII.16 (f) Lepthyphantes insignis
Palliduphantes pallidus Linyphiidae 132, f. IV.1, V.3, IX.19 (f) Lepthyphantes pallidus
Piniphantes pinicola Linyphiidae 131, f. III.1, V.10, VIII.13, IX.21 (f) Lepthyphantes pinicola
Tenuiphantes alacris Linyphiidae 130, f. II.3, IV.3, VII.9, IX.22 (f) Lepthyphantes alacris
Tenuiphantes cristatus Linyphiidae 129, f. I.3, VI.3 (f) Lepthyphantes cristatus
Tenuiphantes flavipes Linyphiidae 129, f. I.5, VI.5 (f) Lepthyphantes flavipes
Tenuiphantes mengei Linyphiidae 129, f. I.6, VI.6 (f) Lepthyphantes mengei
Tenuiphantes tenebricola Linyphiidae 129, f. I.2, VI.2 (f) Lepthyphantes tenebricola
Tenuiphantes tenuis Linyphiidae 129, f. I.1, IV.7, VI.1 (f) Lepthyphantes tenuis
Tenuiphantes zimmermanni Linyphiidae 129, f. I.4, VI.4 (f) Lepthyphantes zimmermanni
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