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Clark, D. J. (1974). Notes on Simon's types of African Salticidae. Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society 3(1): 11-27. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Aelurillus cristatopalpus Salticidae 11, f. 1 (m) Aelurillus cristatopalpus
Baryphas eupogon Salticidae 12, f. 4-5 (m) Baryphas eupogon
Baryphas jullieni Salticidae 14 (Sf) Baryphas jullieni
Brancus fuscimanus Salticidae 23, f. 35-39 (m, Df) Viciria fuscimana
Brancus mustelus Salticidae 24 (S) Viciria mustela
Cosmophasis lucidiventris Salticidae 14, f. 13-15 (m, Df) Cosmophasis lucidiventris
Cosmophasis tricincta Salticidae 15, f. 20-22 (mf) Cosmophasis tricincta
Dasycyptus dimus Salticidae 15 (Sf) Dasycyptus dimus
Goleba puella Salticidae 12, f. 2-3 (f) Asemonea puella
Holcolaetis albobarbata Salticidae 16, f. 23 (f) Holcolaetis albobarbata
Holcolaetis vellerea Salticidae 16 (S) Holcolaetis vellerea
Holcolaetis xerampelina Salticidae 16, f. 24 (f) Holcolaetis xerampelina
Hyllus albocinctus Salticidae 23, f. 33 (m) Viciria albocincta
Hyllus argyrotoxus Salticidae 16 (Sf) Hyllus argyrotoxus
Hyllus brevitarsis Salticidae 17 (S) Hyllus brevitarsis
Hyllus dotatus Salticidae 17 (Tmf from Habrocestum, S) Hyllus dotatum
Hyllus plexippoides Salticidae 18 (Sm) Hyllus plexippoides
Malloneta guineensis Salticidae 18 (S) Malloneta guineensis
Mexcala caerulea Salticidae 14, f. 10-11 (m, Sf) Cosmophasis caerulea
Mexcala nigrocyanea Salticidae 14, f. 16-17 (S) Cosmophasis nigrocyanea
Mexcala quadrimaculata Salticidae 15, f. 18-19 (f) Cosmophasis quadrimaculata
Pachypoessa lacertosa Salticidae 20, f. 27-28 (m) Pachypoessa lacertosa
Phintella australis Salticidae 14, f. 6-9 (mf) Cosmophasis australis
Stenaelurillus guttiger Salticidae 12 (Tmf from Aelurillus) Stenaelurillus guttiger
Tarne dives Salticidae 22, f. 29-32 (f, Dm) Tarne dives
Thyene aperta Salticidae 20 (Tm from Modunda=Bianor, S) Paramodunda aperta
Thyene ocellata Salticidae 24 (S) Viciria ocellata
Thyene thyenioides Salticidae 20, f. 25-26 (f, S, rejected) Paramodunda aperta
Thyenula aurantiaca Salticidae 17 (Tm from Hyllus, Sf) Tularosa aurantiacus
Viciria chabanaudi Salticidae 24, f. 40 (m) Viciria chabanaudi
Viciria chrysophaea Salticidae 23, f. 34 (m) Viciria chrysophaea
Viciria epileuca Salticidae 26, f. 41-42 (m) Viciria epileuca
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