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Brignoli, P. M. (1975d). Ragni d'Italia. XXIII. Nuovi dati su alcune Haplogynae (Araneae). Bollettino della Società Entomologica Italiana 107: 170-178. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Kaemis circe Dysderidae 174, f. 8-11 (Dmf) Harpassa circe
Parachtes inaequipes Dysderidae 173, f. 2, 6-7 (Tmf from Harpactocrates) Parachtes inaequipes
Parachtes romandiolae Dysderidae 173, f. 1 (m) Parachtes romandiolae
Parachtes vernae Dysderidae 174, f. 3-5 (m) Parachtes vernae
Silhouettella loricatula Oonopidae 172 (maintains that Oonops loricata Simon has priority over O. l. L. Koch) Dysderina loricata
Xestaspis loricata Oonopidae 172 (maintains that Oonops loricata Simon, described in 1873 per Bonnet and Roewer, has priority over O. l. L. Koch, uses this replacement name from Pavesi, 1875 that was omitted by Bonnet and Roewer) Gamasomorpha clypeata
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