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Dondale, C. D. & Redner, J. H. (1975b). The fuscomarginatus and histrio groups of the spider genus Philodromus in North America (Araneida: Thomisidae). The Canadian Entomologist 107(4): 369-384. doi:10.4039/Ent107369-4 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Philodromus fuscomarginatus Philodromidae 370, f. 5, 7-9 (mf) Philodromus fuscomarginatus
Philodromus validus Philodromidae 370, f. 1-4, 6 (m, Df) Philodromus validus
Rhysodromus alascensis Philodromidae 379, f. 30-40 (mf, S) Philodromus alascensis
Rhysodromus histrio Philodromidae 373, f. 10-25 (mf, S) Philodromus histrio
Rhysodromus mysticus Philodromidae 377, f. 26-29 (Dmf) Philodromus mysticus
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