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Dondale, C. D. & Redner, J. H. (1975c). Revision of the spider genus Apollophanes (Araneida: Thomisidae). The Canadian Entomologist 107(11): 1175-1192. doi:10.4039/Ent1071175-11 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Apollophanes aztecanus Philodromidae 1191, f. 16-17, 42-43 (Dmf) Apollophanes aztecanus
Apollophanes caribaeus Philodromidae 1188, f. 31-32 (Df) Apollophanes caribaeus
Apollophanes crispus Philodromidae 1190, f. 11-12, 40-41 (Dmf) Apollophanes crispus
Apollophanes erectus Philodromidae 1191, f. 14-15 (Dm) Apollophanes erectus
Apollophanes indistinctus Philodromidae 1188, f. 38-39 (f) Apollophanes indistinctus
Apollophanes longipes Philodromidae 1183, f. 7, 9, 29-30 (removed m from S of A. maculatipes, Df) Apollophanes longipes
Apollophanes margareta Philodromidae 1184, f. 8, 10, 33-35 (mf) Apollophanes margareta
Apollophanes punctatus Philodromidae 1188, f. 36-37 (Tf from Gephyrina) Apollophanes punctatus
Apollophanes punctipes Philodromidae 1178, f. 1-2, 4-5, 13, 18-25 (mf, S of Apollophanes arizonensis, A. distinctus, A. maculatipes, A. mexicanus and A. similalis) Apollophanes punctipes
Apollophanes texanus Philodromidae 1181, f. 3, 6, 26-28 (mf, S of Apollophanes francesca and Philodromus agamus) Apollophanes texanus
Tibelloides bryantae Philodromidae 1175 (Tf from Apollophanes) Cleocnemis bryanti
Tibelloides reimoseri Philodromidae 1175 (T from Apollophanes) Cleocnemis paraguensis
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