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Levy, G. (1975). The spider genera Synaema and Oxyptila in Israel (Araneae: Thomisidae). Israel Journal of Zoology 24: 155-175. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ozyptila judaea Thomisidae 171, f. 28-29 (Df) Ozyptila judaea
Ozyptila judaea Thomisidae 172, f. 30-31 (Dm) Ozyptila aradensis
Ozyptila omega Thomisidae 172, f. 32-33 (Df) Ozyptila omega
Ozyptila rigida Thomisidae 168, f. 24-25 (f) Ozyptila rigida
Ozyptila rigida Thomisidae 169, f. 26-27 (Dm) Ozyptila complicata
Ozyptila tricoloripes Thomisidae 165, f. 19-21 (Df) Oxyptila pickardi
Ozyptila tricoloripes Thomisidae 167, f. 22-23 (m) Ozyptila tricoloripes
Synema diana Thomisidae 161, f. 12-15 (mf) Synema diana
Synema globosum Thomisidae 157, f. 4-7 (mf) Synema globosum
Synema plorator Thomisidae 159, f. 8-11 (mf, S) Synema plorator
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