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Platnick, N. I. (1975a). A revision of the palpimanid spiders of the new subfamily Otiothopinae (Araneae, Palpimanidae). American Museum Novitates 2562: 1-32. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anisaedus gaujoni Palpimanidae 23, f. 69-71 (mf) Anisaedus gaujoni
Anisaedus levii Palpimanidae 3 (misplaced in this genus) Anisaedus levii
Anisaedus pellucidas Palpimanidae 26, f. 76-79, 81-84 (Dmf) Anisaedus pellucidas
Anisaedus rufus Palpimanidae 25, f. 72, 75 (mf, S of Anisaedus argentinus) Anisaedus rufus
Anisaedus stridulans Palpimanidae 24, f. 73-74 (m) Anisaedus stridulans
Fernandezina acuta Palpimanidae 28, f. 20, 90-91 (Dmf) Fernandezina acuta
Fernandezina divisa Palpimanidae 29, f. 92-93 (Dm) Fernandezina divisa
Fernandezina pelta Palpimanidae 28, f. 80, 85-89 (Dmf) Fernandezina pelta
Otiothops amazonicus Palpimanidae 17, f. 32, 51-52 (f, Dm) Otiothops amazonicus
Otiothops baculus Palpimanidae 9, f. 21-22 (Dm) Otiothops baculus
Otiothops birabeni Palpimanidae 19, f. 57-58 (m) Otiothops birabeni
Otiothops brevis Palpimanidae 20, f. 61-63 (mf) Otiothops brevis
Otiothops calcaratus Palpimanidae 19, f. 59-60, 64 (m, Df) Otiothops calcaratus
Otiothops clavus Palpimanidae 15, f. 41-42 (Dm) Otiothops clavus
Otiothops contus Palpimanidae 10, f. 23-24 (Dm) Otiothops contus
Otiothops dubius Palpimanidae 9, f. 47 (f) Otiothops dubius
Otiothops facis Palpimanidae 15, f. 43-44 (Dm) Otiothops facis
Otiothops fulvus Palpimanidae 18, f. 48 (f) Otiothops fulvus
Otiothops germaini Palpimanidae 13, f. 36-38 (mf) Otiothops germaini
Otiothops gounellei Palpimanidae 21, f. 68 (f) Otiothops gounellei
Otiothops inflatus Palpimanidae 16, f. 49-50 (Dm) Otiothops inflatus
Otiothops intortus Palpimanidae 13, f. 33-35 (Dmf) Otiothops intortus
Otiothops loris Palpimanidae 18, f. 53-55 (Dmf) Otiothops loris
Otiothops luteus Palpimanidae 19, f. 56 (f; m of Mello-Leitão, 1927 = O. inflatus) Otiothops luteus
Otiothops lutzi Palpimanidae 3 (immature, probably senior S of Otiothops pentucus, nomen dubium) Otiothops lutzi
Otiothops macleayi Palpimanidae 7, f. 5-16 (mf) Otiothops macleayi
Otiothops oblongus Palpimanidae 10, f. 25-28 (mf, S of Otiothops carpenteri and O. lapidicola) Otiothops oblongus
Otiothops pentucus Palpimanidae 8, f. 17-19 (mf, S of Otiothops casobus) Otiothops pentucus
Otiothops pilleus Palpimanidae 14, f. 39-40 (m; replacement name) Otiothops pilleus
Otiothops setosus Palpimanidae 21, f. 65-67 (mf) Otiothops setosus
Otiothops typicus Palpimanidae 15, f. 45-46 (m) Otiothops typicus
Otiothops walckenaeri Palpimanidae 6, f. 1-4 (mf) Otiothops walckenaeri
Otiothops whitticki Palpimanidae 13, f. 29-31 (m, Df) Otiothops whitticki
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