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Platnick, N. I. (1975b). A revision of the Holarctic spider genus Callilepis (Araneae, Gnaphosidae). American Museum Novitates 2573: 1-32. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Callilepis chisos Gnaphosidae 15, f. 29-35 (Dmf) Callilepis chisos
Callilepis concolor Gnaphosidae 17, f. 36-38 (mf, S C. wiehlei, rejected) Callilepis concolor
Callilepis eremella Gnaphosidae 23, f. 53-59 (mf, S) Callilepis eremella
Callilepis gertschi Gnaphosidae 27, f. 60-66 (Dmf) Callilepis gertschi
Callilepis gosoga Gnaphosidae 30, f. 67-73 (m, Df) Callilepis gosoga
Callilepis imbecilla Gnaphosidae 13, f. 22-28 (mf, S) Callilepis imbecilla
Callilepis mumai Gnaphosidae 21, f. 46-52 (Dmf) Callilepis mumai
Callilepis nocturna Gnaphosidae 7, f. 8-14 (mf) Callilepis nocturna
Callilepis pluto Gnaphosidae 8, f. 1-6, 15-21 (removed m from S of C. imbecilla, Sf) Callilepis pluto
Callilepis schuszteri Gnaphosidae 19, f. 39-45 (mf, S) Callilepis schuszteri
Cesonia grisea Gnaphosidae 6 (Tf from Pterotricha per Roewer) Eilicina grisea
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