Included taxa

Platnick, N. I. (1975d). A revision of the South American spider genus Trachelopachys (Araneae, Clubionidae). American Museum Novitates 2589: 1-25. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Meriola fasciata Trachelidae 10 (Tf from Trachelopachys) Trachelas fasciatus
Meriola setosa Trachelidae 10 (T from Trachelopachys) Trachelas gulosus
Meriola setosa Trachelidae 10 (T from Trachelopachys) Trachelas segmentatus
Trachelopachys abnormis Trachelidae 10 (nomen dubium) Trachelopachys abnormis
Trachelopachys aemulatus Trachelidae 19, f. 42-43 (f) Trachelopachys aemulatus
Trachelopachys bicolor Trachelidae 20, f. 46-49 (f, Dm) Trachelopachys bicolor
Trachelopachys bidentatus Trachelidae 16, f. 28-29 (Df) Trachelopachys bidentatus
Trachelopachys cingulipes Trachelidae 11, f. 22-25 (mf, S) Trachelopachys cingulipes
Trachelopachys gracilis Trachelidae 18, f. 38-41 (Tm from Trachelas, Df) Trachelopachys gracilis
Trachelopachys ignacio Trachelidae 21, f. 50-53 (Dmf) Trachelopachys ignacio
Trachelopachys keyserlingi Trachelidae 17, f. 34-37 (Tmf from Trachelas) Trachelopachys keyserlingi
Trachelopachys machupicchu Trachelidae 15, f. 18-21, 30-33 (Dmf) Trachelopachys machupicchu
Trachelopachys magdalena Trachelidae 20, f. 44-45 (Df) Trachelopachys magdalena
Trachelopachys sericeus Trachelidae 11, f. 12-17 (m, Df) Trachelopachys sericeus
Trachelopachys singularis Trachelidae 22, f. 54-57 (f, Sm) Trachelopachys singularis
Trachelopachys tarma Trachelidae 14, f. 26-27 (Dm) Trachelopachys tarma
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