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Platnick, N. I. & Shadab, M. U. (1975b). A revision of the spider genera Haplodrassus and Orodrassus (Araneae, Gnaphosidae) in North America. American Museum Novitates 2583: 1-40. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Haplodrassus bicornis Gnaphosidae 16, f. 23-30 (mf, S) Haplodrassus bicornis
Haplodrassus chamberlini Gnaphosidae 27, f. 63-70 (Dmf) Haplodrassus chamberlini
Haplodrassus dixiensis Gnaphosidae 23, f. 39-46 (f, Dm) Haplodrassus dixiensis
Haplodrassus eunis Gnaphosidae 20, f. 31-38 (f, Sm) Haplodrassus eunis
Haplodrassus hiemalis Gnaphosidae 7, f. 1-8 (mf) Haplodrassus hiemalis
Haplodrassus maculatus Gnaphosidae 26, f. 55-62 (m, Df) Haplodrassus maculatus
Haplodrassus mimus Gnaphosidae 24, f. 47-54 (f, Dm) Haplodrassus mimus
Haplodrassus signifer Gnaphosidae 11, f. 11-22 (mf, S) Haplodrassus signifer
Haplodrassus taibo Gnaphosidae 29, f. 71-74 (f, Dm) Haplodrassus taibo
Orodrassus assimilis Gnaphosidae 36, f. 87-94 (m, Sf) Orodrassus assimilis
Orodrassus canadensis Gnaphosidae 37, f. 95-102 (Dmf) Orodrassus canadensis
Orodrassus coloradensis Gnaphosidae 32, f. 75-84 (mf) Orodrassus coloradensis
Parasyrisca orites Gnaphosidae 38, f. 85-86, 103-106 (f, Dm) Orodrassus orites
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