Included taxa

Yaginuma, T. (1975a). The spider fauna of Japan (V). Faculty of Letters Revue, Otemon Gakuin University 9: 187-195. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Dictyna arundinacea Dictynidae 187, f. 1-2 (mf) Dictyna arundinacea
Dictyna uncinata Dictynidae 188, f. 3-4 (mf) Dictyna uncinata
Herbiphantes cericeus Linyphiidae 193 (Tf from Menosira) Lepthyphantes cericeus
Sinopoda forcipata Sparassidae 190, f. 7-8 (mf) Heteropoda forcipata
Sinopoda stellatops Sparassidae 190, f. 5-6 (mf, misidentified) Heteropoda stellata
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