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Dondale, C. D. & Redner, J. H. (1976c). A rearrangement of the North American species of Clubiona, with descriptions of two new species (Araneida: Clubionidae). The Canadian Entomologist 108(11): 1155-1165. doi:10.4039/Ent1081155-11 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Clubiona abboti Clubionidae 1164, f. 27-29, 31 (f) Clubiona abboti
Clubiona angulata Clubionidae 1164, f. 30, 32 (Dm) Clubiona angulata
Clubiona bishopi Clubionidae 1162, f. 21-26 (m, Df) Clubiona bishopi
Clubiona chippewa Clubionidae 1158, f. 10-15 (m, Sf) Clubiona chippewa
Clubiona opeongo Clubionidae 1161, f. 16-20 (f, Dm) Clubiona opeongo
Clubiona pygmaea Clubionidae 1158, f. 5-9 (mf) Clubiona pygmaea
Clubiona quebecana Clubionidae 1157, f. 1-4 (Dmf) Clubiona quebecana
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