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Ledoux, J.-C. (1977). Redescription de Pritha nana (Simon) (Araneae, Filistatidae). Revue Arachnologique 1: 65-74. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afrofilistata fradei Filistatidae 73 Pritha fradei
Pritha nana Filistatidae 66, f. 1a-f, 2a-c, 3c-d (mf, S of P. debilis and P. vestita; partly misidentified and both S rejected after Legittimo et al., 2017) Pritha nana
Pritha parva Filistatidae 66, f. 1-2 in part, 3A-B (mf; misidentified after Legittimo et al., 2017: 218) Pritha nana
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