Included taxa

Levy, G. (1977). The philodromid spiders of Israel (Araneae: Philodromidae). Israel Journal of Zoology 26: 193-229. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Halodromus patellidens Philodromidae 210, f. 36-39 (Dmf) Ebo patellidens
Philodromus aureolus Philodromidae 195, f. 4-9 (mf) Philodromus aureolus
Philodromus denisi Philodromidae 214 (name for mf of Denis, omitted by Brignoli) Philodromus denisi
Philodromus jaffanus Philodromidae 195 (nomen dubium) Philodromus jaffanus
Philodromus kalliaensis Philodromidae 206, f. 27-28 (Df) Philodromus kalliaensis
Philodromus pygmaeus Philodromidae 205, f. 23-26 (Dmf) Philodromus pygmaeus
Pulchellodromus medius Philodromidae 198, f. 12-13 (removed P. m. from S of P. glaucinus, misidentified) Philodromus pulchellus
Pulchellodromus pardalis Philodromidae 200, f. 1-3, 14-18 (mf, misidentified) Philodromus glaucinus
Pulchellodromus pulchellus Philodromidae 198, f. 10-11 (mf, S) Philodromus pulchellus
Rhysodromus halophilus Philodromidae 208, f. 32-35 (Dmf) Ebo halophilus
Rhysodromus hierosolymitanus Philodromidae 203, f. 19-20 (Df) Philodromus hierosolymitanus
Rhysodromus sinaiticus Philodromidae 204, f. 21-22 (Df) Philodromus sinaiticus
Thanatus albini Philodromidae 218 (nomen dubium, probably senior S of Thanatus vulgaris) Thanatus albini
Thanatus fabricii Philodromidae 219, f. 50-54 (mf, S of Thanatus adjacens, T. cervini and T. sahariensis) Thanatus fabricii
Thanatus fagei Philodromidae 213 (nomen dubium) Thanatus fagei
Thanatus fornicatus Philodromidae 224, f. 59-60 (mf, removed from S of T. albescens) Thanatus fornicatus
Thanatus lesserti Philodromidae 214 (T from Tibellus) Thanatus lesserti
Thanatus meronensis Philodromidae 223, f. 55-58 (Dmf) Thanatus meronensis
Thanatus setiger Philodromidae 218, f. 48-49 (f) Thanatus setigerus
Thanatus vulgaris Philodromidae 214-216, f. 40-47 (mf, S of Thanatus odorus, T. purcelli, T. rehobothicola, T. thorelli, T. vulgaris major, T. vulgaris syriensis) Thanatus vulgaris
Tibellus oblongus Philodromidae 226, f. 61-65 (f) Tibellus oblongus
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