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Shinkai, E. (1978). Spiders of Hachioji City, Tokyo 1. List and distribution. Memoirs of the Education Institute for Private Schools in Japan, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 56: 79-109. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araneus viperifer Araneidae 91, f. 27-30 (mf) Araneus viperifer
Arcuphantes tamaensis Linyphiidae 87, f. 14-16 (f) Arcuphantes tamaensis
Attulus penicillatus Salticidae 100, f. 41-42 (m) Sitticus penicillatus
Coelotes kitazawai Agelenidae 95, f. 39 (f) Coelotes kitazawai
Curticoelotes hamamurai Agelenidae 95, f. 35-36 (mf) Coelotes hamamurai
Ero furcata Mimetidae 84, f. 11-13 (mf) Ero furcata
Griseidraconarius decolor Agelenidae 95, f. 33-34 (mf) Coelotes decolor
Iwogumoa insidiosa Agelenidae 95, f. 37 (m) Coelotes insidiosus
Oia imadatei Linyphiidae 89, f. 21-25 (mf) Oia imadatei
Opopaea syarakui Oonopidae 83, f. 5-10 (mf) Opopaea syarakui
Paidiscura subpallens Theridiidae 87, f. 3-4 (mf) Theridion subpallens
Parasteatoda kompirensis Theridiidae 86, f. 1-2 (mf) Theridion kompirense
Pireneitega luctuosa Agelenidae 95, f. 38 (m) Coelotes luctuosus
Pseudomicrargus asakawaensis Linyphiidae 89, f. 17-20 (mf) Micrargus asakawaensis
Urozelotes rusticus Gnaphosidae 103, f. 43-44 (mf) Zelotes rusticus
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