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McKay, R. J. (1979d). The wolf spiders of Australia (Araneae: Lycosidae): 12. Descriptions of some Western Australian species. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 19: 241-275. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Costacosa dondalei Lycosidae 264, f. 9A-B, H (misidentified) Lycosa meracula
Costacosa torbjorni Lycosidae 264, f. 9C-G, I-K (misidentified) Lycosa meracula
Hogna crispipes Lycosidae 252, f. 4A-M (Tmf from Hygrolycosa, misidentified in part) Lycosa crispipes
Knoelle clara Lycosidae 249, f. 3A-L (Tmf from Allocosa) Lycosa clara
Lycosa ariadnae Lycosidae 241, f. 1A-L, pl. 1A-B (Dmf) Lycosa ariadnae
Lycosa australicola Lycosidae 246, f. 2A-L (Tmf from Allocosa) Lycosa australicola
Lycosa gibsoni Lycosidae 255, f. 5A-F (Dmf) Lycosa gibsoni
Lycosa koyuga Lycosidae 258, f. 6A-H (Dmf) Lycosa koyuga
Lycosa tula Lycosidae 267, f. 10A-B, F-L (Tmf from Allocosa) Lycosa tula
Lycosa woonda Lycosidae 269, f. 10C-E, 11A-E, 121 (Dmf) Lycosa woonda
Lycosa yalkara Lycosidae 271, f. 12A-H, J-K (Dmf) Lycosa yalkara
Mainosa longipes Lycosidae 260, f. 7A-E (Df) Lycosa maini
Tetralycosa oraria Lycosidae 264 (Tmf from Lycorma=Hogna, misidentified; see under Costacosa) Lycosa meracula
Venatrix pullastra Lycosidae 263, f. 8A-D (Tf from Hogna) Lycosa marcentior
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