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McKay, R. J. (1979e). The wolf spiders of Australia (Araneae: Lycosidae): 13. The genus Trochosa. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 19(3): 277-298. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Artoria impedita Lycosidae 288 (Tmf from Allocosa, reduced to subspecies, but misidentified) Trochosa expolita impedita
Artoriopsis expolita Lycosidae 286, f. 3C-E (Tmf from Avicosa=Schizocosa, not f. 3B, F, J-M, =A. melissae) Trochosa expolita
Artoriopsis expolita Lycosidae 288, f. 3G-I, N-O (mf, misidentified) Trochosa expolita impedita
Artoriopsis melissae Lycosidae 286, f. 3B, F, J-M (mf, misidentified) Trochosa expolita
Diahogna exculta Lycosidae 293, f. 4D (Tf from Allohogna=Lycosa) Trochosa exculta
Diahogna martensi Lycosidae 290, f. 4A-C (f) Trochosa martensii
Kangarosa alboguttulata Lycosidae 294, f. 21, 4F (Tf from Arctosippa) Trochosa alboguttulata
Kangarosa properipes Lycosidae 283, f. 2A-H, Q (Tmf from Triccosta=Arctosa, reduced to subspecies) Trochosa tristicula phegeia
Kangarosa tristicula Lycosidae 284, f. 2J-P, 3A (Tmf from Trochosula) Trochosa tristicula
Tetralycosa oraria Lycosidae 279, f. 1A-H (mf, S) Trochosa oraria
Tetralycosa oraria Lycosidae 293, f. 4E (Tf from Trochosula) Trochosa candicans
Tetralycosa wundurra Lycosidae 296, f. 4I-J (Df) Trochosa wundurra
Trochosa glarea Lycosidae 296, f. 4G-H (Df) Trochosa glarea
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