Included taxa

Brignoli, P. M. (1981c). Studies on the Pholcidae, I. Notes on the genera Artema and Physocyclus (Araneae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 170: 90-100. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Artema atlanta Pholcidae 92, f. 1-7 (mf) Artema atlanta
Artema doriae Pholcidae 92 (removed f from S of A. mauriciana, possible senior S of A. transcaspica and A. magna) Artema doriai
Gertschiola macrostyla Pholcidae 98, f. 26-30 (mf, T from Physocyclus) Gertschiola macrostylus
Physocyclus globosus Pholcidae 94, f. 14-18, 21-24 (mf) Physocyclus globosus
Priscula binghamae Pholcidae 97, f. 11-13, 19-20 (mf) Physocyclus binghamae
Priscula gularis Pholcidae 96, f. 8-10, 25 (mf) Physocyclus gularis
Genus Family Page
Gertschiola Brignoli, 1981 Pholcidae 97