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Lowrie, D. C. & Dondale, C. D. (1981). A revision of the nigra group of the genus Pardosa in North America (Araneae, Lycosidae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 170: 125-139. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Pardosa dorsalis Lycosidae 138, f. 1, 57-66 (mf, removed from S of P. mackenziana) Pardosa dorsalis
Pardosa dorsuncata Lycosidae 130, f. 10-12, 14-20 (Dmf) Pardosa dorsuncata
Pardosa gothicana Lycosidae 132, f. 2, 27-32 (Dmf) Pardosa gothicana
Pardosa hetchi Lycosidae 131, f. 21-26 (f, Dm) Pardosa hetchi
Pardosa mackenziana Lycosidae 134, f. 3, 38-47 (mf, S of Pardosa metlakatloides) Pardosa mackenziana
Pardosa rainieriana Lycosidae 132, f. 33-37 (Dmf) Pardosa rainieriana
Pardosa uintana Lycosidae 127, f. 4-9, 13 (mf, removed from S of P. giebeli) Pardosa uintana
Pardosa uncata Lycosidae 135, f. 48-56 (mf, removed from S of P. mackenziana) Pardosa uncata
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