Included taxa

Opell, B. D. (1981). New Central and South American Uloboridae (Arachnida, Araneae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 170: 219-228. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ariston aristus Uloboridae 219, f. 1, 6 (Dm) Ariston aristus
Philoponella collina Uloboridae 226, f. 26-28 (Tf from Uloborus) Philoponella collina
Philoponella divisa Uloboridae 226, f. 34 (m) Philoponella divisa
Philoponella republicana Uloboridae 226, f. 33 (m) Philoponella republicana
Philoponella signatella Uloboridae 226, f. 35 (m) Philoponella signatella
Philoponella subvittata Uloboridae 227, f. 37-38 (Dmf) Philoponella subvittata
Philoponella tingens Uloboridae 226, f. 36 (m) Philoponella tingena
Philoponella vicina Uloboridae 226, f. 5, 29-32 (Dm) Philoponella vicina
Uloborus eberhardi Uloboridae 224, f. 21-25 (Df) Uloborus eberhardi
Uloborus metae Uloboridae 221, f. 16-20 (Dmf) Uloborus metae
Uloborus trilineatus Uloboridae 226, f. 15 (S) Uloborus trilineatus
Zosis geniculata Uloboridae 221, f. 4 (m) Zosis geniculatus
Zosis peruana Uloboridae 221, f. 2-3, 7-14 (Tf from Uloborus, Dm) Zosis peruvianus
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