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Platnick, N. I. & Shadab, M. U. (1981e). A revision of the spider genus Sergiolus (Araneae, Gnaphosidae). American Museum Novitates 2717: 1-41. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Gnaphosa sericata Gnaphosidae 7 (S) Gnaphosa sericata
Herpyllus hesperolus Gnaphosidae 7 (S of Sergiolus lesserti) Herpyllus hesperolus
Poecilochroa variana Gnaphosidae 4, f. 6-9 (mf) Poecilochroa variana
Sergiolus angustus Gnaphosidae 37, f. 99-103 (Tm from Poecilochroa, Sf) Sergiolus angustus
Sergiolus bicolor Gnaphosidae 26, f. 3-4, 66-71 (Tf from Poecilochroa, Dm, S) Sergiolus bicolor
Sergiolus capulatus Gnaphosidae 10, f. 1-2, 12-17 (Tmf from Poecilochroa) Sergiolus capulatus
Sergiolus columbianus Gnaphosidae 31, f. 77-82 (Tmf from Poecilochroa) Sergiolus columbianus
Sergiolus cyaneiventris Gnaphosidae 24, f. 60-65 (Tf from Poecilochroa, Sm) Sergiolus cyaneiventris
Sergiolus decoratus Gnaphosidae 19, f. 42-47 (Tm from Poecilochroa, Df) Sergiolus decoratus
Sergiolus gertschi Gnaphosidae 17, f. 36-41 (Dmf) Sergiolus gertschi
Sergiolus guadalupensis Gnaphosidae 40, f. 104-108 (Dmf) Sergiolus guadalupensis
Sergiolus iviei Gnaphosidae 34, f. 94-98 (Dmf) Sergiolus iviei
Sergiolus kastoni Gnaphosidae 13, f. 24-29 (Dmf) Sergiolus kastoni
Sergiolus lowelli Gnaphosidae 15, f. 30-35 (Tmf from Poecilochroa) Sergiolus lowelli
Sergiolus magnus Gnaphosidae 15, f. 10-11 (Tm from Caridrassus=Eilica) Sergiolus magnus
Sergiolus minutus Gnaphosidae 20, f. 48-53 (Tm from Poecilochroa, Sf) Sergiolus minutus
Sergiolus montanus Gnaphosidae 28, f. 72-76 (Tmf from Poecilochroa) Sergiolus montanus
Sergiolus ocellatus Gnaphosidae 11, f. 18-23 (Tmf from Poecilochroa) Sergiolus ocellatus
Sergiolus stella Gnaphosidae 32, f. 83-87 (Tf from Poecilochroa, Dm) Sergiolus stella
Sergiolus tennesseensis Gnaphosidae 34, f. 88-93 (Tf from Poecilochroa, Dm) Sergiolus tennesseensis
Sergiolus unimaculatus Gnaphosidae 23, f. 54-59 (Tm from Poecilochroa, Df) Sergiolus unimaculatus
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