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Russell-Smith, A. (1981). A revision of the genus Chaleposa Simon (Araneae: Lycosidae). Journal of Natural History 15(2): 223-244. doi:10.1080/00222938100770181 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Proevippa albiventris Lycosidae 227, f. 1C, 3A-H (mf, S of Chaleposa coccineoplumosa) Chaleposa albiventris
Proevippa biampliata Lycosidae 233, f. 1A, 7A-G (Tmf from Lycosa) Chaleposa biampliata
Proevippa bruneipes Lycosidae 240, f. 11A-G (mf, T from Trochosa, S of Geolycosa cretata) Chaleposa bruneipes
Proevippa dregei Lycosidae 242, f. 12A-G (Tmf from Arctosa) Chaleposa dregei
Proevippa fascicularis Lycosidae 238, f. 1B, 2C-D, 10A-F (Tm from Artoria, Df) Chaleposa fascicularis
Proevippa hirsuta Lycosidae 235, f. 8A-G (Dmf) Chaleposa hirsuta
Proevippa lightfooti Lycosidae 231, f. 5A-F (m; Purcell's f is juvenile) Chaleposa lightfooti
Proevippa schreineri Lycosidae 229, f. 2A-B, 4A-G (mf, S of Chaleposa bisinuata) Chaleposa schreineri
Proevippa unicolor Lycosidae 232, f. 6A-D (f) Chaleposa unicolor
Proevippa wanlessi Lycosidae 237, f. 9A-E (Dm) Chaleposa wanlessi
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