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Wen, Z. G., Zhao, J. Z. & Huang, Q. L. (1981). [Identification of common cribellate spiders from farmland]. Chinese Journal of Zoology, Peking 1981(1): 26-27. download pdf


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Dictyna arundinacea Dictynidae 26, f. 1A-D (mf) Dictyna arundinacea
Dictyna foliicola Dictynidae 26, f. 2A-D (mf) Dictyna foliicola
Nurscia albofasciata Titanoecidae 27, f. 4A-D (mf) Titanoeca nipponica
Octonoba sinensis Uloboridae 27, f. 3A-D (mf) Uloborus sinensis
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