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Wesolowska, W. (1981b). Redescriptions of the E. Schenkel's East Asiatic Salticidae (Aranei). Annales Zoologici, Warszawa 36: 127-160. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Asianellus festivus Salticidae 153, f. 77-80 (m, misidentified) Phlegra pichoni
Asianellus potanini Salticidae 153, f. 72-76 (m, S, not f. 77-80) Phlegra potanini
Attulus avocator Salticidae 156, f. 84-87 (f) Sitticus viduus
Carrhotus xanthogramma Salticidae 128, f. 1-3 (m, S) Carrhotus xanthogramma
Dendryphantes fusconotatus Salticidae 129, f. 4-7 (f) Dendryphantes thorelli
Hasarina contortospinosa Salticidae 132, f. 10-13 (m) Hasarina contortospinosa
Heliophanus potanini Salticidae 133, f. 14-17 (f, S) Heliophanus potanini
Marpissa milleri Salticidae 138, f. 31-34 (f, S) Marpissa dybowskii
Marpissa pulla Salticidae 141, f. 37-43 (mf) Marpissa pulla
Mendoza canestrinii Salticidae 142, f. 44-51 (Tf from Mithion=Thyene, Sm) Marpissa tschekiangensis
Mendoza nobilis Salticidae 139, f. 35-36 (f, S) Marpissa nobilis
Menemerus bivittatus Salticidae 145, f. 52-57 (m) Menemerus bonneti
Menemerus fulvus Salticidae 147, f. 58-63 (f, S) Menemerus confusus
Pellenes denisi Salticidae 151, f. 68-69 (f) Pellenes denisi
Pellenes gobiensis Salticidae 152, f. 70-71 (f) Pellenes gobiensis
Phintella cavaleriei Salticidae 134, f. 18-21 (Tf from Dexippus) Icius cavaleriei
Phintelloides versicolor Salticidae 135, f. 22-26 (Tm from Dexippus) Icius davidi
Phintelloides versicolor Salticidae 135, f. 27-30 (Tf from Dexippus) Icius tschekiangensis
Pseudicius yunnanensis Salticidae 150, f. 64-67 (f) Menemerus yunnanensis
Salticus latidentatus Salticidae 155, f. 81-83 (f) Salticus potanini
Talavera trivittata Salticidae 130, f. 8-9 (f) Euophrys trivittata
Tasa davidi Salticidae 157, f. 88-92 (m) Tasa davidi
Thyene imperialis Salticidae 159, f. 93-95 (f, S) Thyene imperialis
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Tasa Wesolowska, 1981 Salticidae ?