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Platnick, N. I. & Shadab, M. U. (1982b). A revision of the American spiders of the genus Camillina (Araneae, Gnaphosidae). American Museum Novitates 2748: 1-38. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Camillina antigua Gnaphosidae 15, f. 41-44 (Dmf) Camillina antigua
Camillina arequipa Gnaphosidae 34, f. 81-82 (Df) Camillina arequipa
Camillina balboa Gnaphosidae 17, f. 45-46 (Df) Camillina balboa
Camillina bimini Gnaphosidae 6, f. 5-8 (Dmf) Camillina bimini
Camillina caldas Gnaphosidae 22, f. 65-66 (Df) Camillina caldas
Camillina calel Gnaphosidae 25, f. 77-78 (Df) Camillina calel
Camillina campeche Gnaphosidae 15, f. 13-14 (Dm) Camillina campeche
Camillina cauca Gnaphosidae 19, f. 53-54 (Dm) Camillina cauca
Camillina cayman Gnaphosidae 8, f. 15-16 (Df) Camillina cayman
Camillina chiapa Gnaphosidae 14, f. 37-38 (Dm) Camillina chiapa
Camillina chilensis Gnaphosidae 26, f. 83-86 (Tf from Echemus, Sm) Camillina chilensis
Camillina chincha Gnaphosidae 31, f. 95-98 (Dmf) Camillina chincha
Camillina claro Gnaphosidae 23, f. 69-70 (Df) Camillina claro
Camillina colon Gnaphosidae 17, f. 39-40 (Df) Camillina colon
Camillina cruz Gnaphosidae 36, f. 117-120 (Dmf) Camillina cruz
Camillina desecheonis Gnaphosidae 9, f. 17-20 (Tmf from Zelotes) Camillina desecheonis
Camillina elegans Gnaphosidae 4, f. 1-4 (Tf from Drassyllus, Dm) Camillina elegans
Camillina gaira Gnaphosidae 18, f. 49-52 (Dmf) Camillina gaira
Camillina galapagoensis Gnaphosidae 34 (T misidentified f [=C. isabela] from Zelotes) Camillina galapagoensis
Camillina huanta Gnaphosidae 34, f. 107-108 (Df) Camillina huanta
Camillina isabela Gnaphosidae 34, f. 111-112 (f, misidentified) Camillina galapagoensis
Camillina isla Gnaphosidae 35, f. 113-116 (Dmf) Camillina isla
Camillina jeris Gnaphosidae 11, f. 25-28 (Dmf) Camillina jeris
Camillina longipes Gnaphosidae 28, f. 87-90 (Tf from Echemus, Dm) Camillina arguta
Camillina major Gnaphosidae 24, f. 71-72 (Tf from Echemus, S) Camillina major
Camillina marmorata Gnaphosidae 25, f. 73-74 (Tf from Zelotes) Camillina marmorata
Camillina merida Gnaphosidae 21, f. 47-48 (Df) Camillina merida
Camillina minuta Gnaphosidae 26, f. 79-80 (Tf from Echemus) Camillina minuta
Camillina mogollon Gnaphosidae 32, f. 99-102 (Dmf) Camillina mogollon
Camillina mona Gnaphosidae 7, f. 9-12 (Dmf) Camillina mona
Camillina nevada Gnaphosidae 20, f. 55-56 (Df) Camillina nevada
Camillina nevis Gnaphosidae 10, f. 21-24 (Dmf) Camillina nevis
Camillina nova Gnaphosidae 22, f. 67-68 (Df) Camillina nova
Camillina oruro Gnaphosidae 25, f. 75-76 (Df) Camillina oruro
Camillina pedestris Gnaphosidae 12, f. 29-32 (Tf from Echemus, Dm) Camillina pedestris
Camillina piura Gnaphosidae 33, f. 103-106 (Dmf) Camillina piura
Camillina puebla Gnaphosidae 13, f. 33-36 (Dmf) Camillina puebla
Camillina pulchra Gnaphosidae 22, f. 61-64 (Tm from Echemus, Df) Camillina pulcher
Camillina punta Gnaphosidae 34, f. 109-110 (Df) Camillina punta
Camillina relucens Gnaphosidae 20, f. 57-60 (Tmf from Echemus) Camillina relucens
Camillina tarapaca Gnaphosidae 29, f. 91-94 (Dmf) Camillina tarapaca
Cesonia bilineata Gnaphosidae 342, f. 1-7 (mf) Cesonia bilineata
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