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Thorell, T. (1877c). Descriptions of the Araneae collected in Colorado in 1875, by A. S. Packard jun., M.D. Bulletin of the U. S. Geological Survey 3: 477-529. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agelenopsis naevia Agelenidae 489 (lapsus) Agalenopsis naevia
Alopecosa scalaris Lycosidae 521 (Df) Tarentula scalaris
Erigone cacuminum Linyphiidae 482 (Df) Erigone cacuminum
Erigone strabo Linyphiidae 483 (Df) Erigone strabo
Gnaphosa brumalis Gnaphosidae 491 (Df) Gnaphosa scudderi
Gnaphosa muscorum Gnaphosidae 489 (Df; preoccupied by O. Pickard-Cambridge, 1872) Gnaphosa conspersa
Hogna frondicola Lycosidae 520 (Df; preoccupied by Keyserling, 1877, see Alopecosa modesta) Tarentula modesta
Linyphia orophila Linyphiidae 480 (Df) Linyphia orophila
Mecaphesa lepida Thomisidae 498 (Dm) Diaea lepida
Ozyptila conspurcata Thomisidae 496 (Df) Ozyptila conspurcata
Pardosa concinna Lycosidae 506 (Df) Lycosa concinna
Pardosa groenlandica Lycosidae 510 (Df) [] Lycosa tristis
Pardosa groenlandica Lycosidae 512 (Df, preoccupied) Lycosa indagatrix
Pardosa groenlandica Lycosidae 514 (Dmf) Lycosa iracunda
Pardosa sinistra Lycosidae 517 (Dmf) Lycosa sinistra
Pardosa sternalis Lycosidae 504 (Df) Lycosa sternalis
Pardosa uncata Lycosidae 508 (Dmf) Lycosa uncata
Pardosa xerampelina Lycosidae 513 (Df; preoccupied by Walckenaer, 1837, see Lycosa impavida) Lycosa impavida
Phidippus clarus Salticidae 523 (Df, nomen oblitum; N.B.: considered a nomen dubium by Edwards, 2004: 61) Phidippus coloradensis
Psilochorus pullulus Pholcidae 487 (Dm) Pholcus pullulus
Rhysodromus alascensis Philodromidae 502 (Df; preoccupied by Walckenaer, 1837, see Tmarus angulatus) Philodromus inquisitor
Rhysodromus histrio Philodromidae 500 (Df) [] Philodromus virescens
Steatoda variata Theridiidae 485 (Df; preoccupied by Blackwall, 1859, see Steatoda distincta) [] Steatoda distincta
Tetragnatha elongata debilis Tetragnathidae 479 (Df) Tetragnatha elongata debilis
Tetragnatha elongata principalis Tetragnathidae 477 (Dmf) Tetragnatha elongata principalis
Tetragnatha elongata undulata Tetragnathidae 477 (Dm) Tetragnatha elongata undulata
Xysticus cunctator Thomisidae 494 (Df) Xysticus cunctator
Zelotes melancholicus Gnaphosidae 493 (Df) Prosthesima melancholica
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