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Tikader, B. K. (1982b). Part 2. Family Gnaphosidae. In: The fauna of India. Spiders: Araneae. Vol. II. Zoological Survey of India, Calcutta, pp. 295-536. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Callilepis chakanensis Gnaphosidae 354, f. 139-144 (Df) Callilepis chakanensis
Callilepis lambai Gnaphosidae 352, f. 133-138 (f) Callilepis lambai
Callilepis rajasthanica Gnaphosidae 350, f. 127-132 (f) Callilepis rajasthanicus
Callilepis rukminiae Gnaphosidae 348, f. 120-126 (mf) Callilepis rukminiae
Camillina smythiesi Gnaphosidae 463, f. 377-378 (as no justification of a generic transfer of this species was provided, no transfer is recorded here) Haplodrassus smythiesi
Cryptodrassus khajuriai Gnaphosidae 512, f. 490-494 (f) Drassyllus khajuriai
Cryptodrassus mahabalei Gnaphosidae 510, f. 485-459 (Df) Drassyllus mahabalei
Cryptodrassus ratnagiriensis Gnaphosidae 514, f. 495-499 (f) Drassyllus ratnagiriensis
Drassodes andamanensis Gnaphosidae 395, f. 226-229 (mf) Drassodes andamanensis
Drassodes cambridgei Gnaphosidae 408, f. 257-259 (f; specific name erroneously attributed to Blackwall, 1861) Drassodes ferrugineus
Drassodes carinivulvus Gnaphosidae 394, f. 223-225 (f) Drassodes carinivulvus
Drassodes deoprayagensis Gnaphosidae 413, f. 268-272 (f) Drassodes deoprayagensis
Drassodes gangeticus Gnaphosidae 398, f. 233-237 (f) Drassodes gangeticus
Drassodes heterophthalmus Gnaphosidae 404, f. 250-252 (m) Drassodes heterophthalmus
Drassodes himalayensis Gnaphosidae 427, f. 299-304 (mf) Drassodes himalayensis
Drassodes luridus Gnaphosidae 409, f. 260-263 (mf) Drassodes luridus
Drassodes luridus Gnaphosidae 365, f. 164-169 (mf) Scopodes maitraiae
Drassodes lutescens Gnaphosidae 359, f. 150-153 (f) Phaeocedus mosambaensis
Drassodes macilentus Gnaphosidae 425, f. 296-298 (f) Drassodes macilentus
Drassodes meghalayaensis Gnaphosidae 417, f. 279-282 (f) Drassodes meghalayaensis
Drassodes parvidens Gnaphosidae 421, f. 288-291 (f) Drassodes parvidens
Drassodes pashanensis Gnaphosidae 429, f. 305-309 (f) Drassodes pashanensis
Drassodes phagduaensis Gnaphosidae 392, f. 219-222 (f) Drassodes phagduaensis
Drassodes rubicundulus Gnaphosidae 411, f. 264-267 (f) Drassodes rubicundulus
Drassodes sagarensis Gnaphosidae 402, f. 244-249 (Dmf) Drassodes sagarensis
Drassodes singulariformis Gnaphosidae 423, f. 292-295 (f) Drassodes singularis
Drassodes sirmourensis Gnaphosidae 386, f. 213-218 (mf) Geodrassus sirmourensis
Drassodes sitae Gnaphosidae 415, f. 273-278 (mf; probably a Haplodrassus) Drassodes sitae
Eilica platnicki Gnaphosidae 345, f. 114-119 (f) Eilica platnicki
Eilica tikaderi Gnaphosidae 342, f. 108-113 (f, Dm) Eilica tikaderi
Gnaphosa jodhpurensis Gnaphosidae 338, f. 99-104 (f) Gnaphosa jodhpurensis
Gnaphosa kailana Gnaphosidae 330, f. 79-82 Gnaphosa kailana
Gnaphosa pauriensis Gnaphosidae 334, f. 90-95 (f) Gnaphosa pauriensis
Gnaphosa poonaensis Gnaphosidae 332, f. 1-2, 83-89 (m, Df) Gnaphosa poonaensis
Gnaphosa stoliczkai Gnaphosidae 340, f. 105-107 (f) Gnaphosa stoliczkae
Haplodrassus dumdumensis Gnaphosidae 468, f. 391-393 (Df; probably misplaced) Haplodrassus dumdumensis
Haplodrassus sataraensis Gnaphosidae 466, f. 385-390 (mf) Haplodrassus sataraensis
Haplodrassus tehriensis Gnaphosidae 464, f. 379-384 (mf) Haplodrassus tehriensis
Hitobia meghalayensis Gnaphosidae 449, f. 349-353 (f) Sergiolus meghalayensis
Hitobia poonaensis Gnaphosidae 447, f. 343-348 (mf) Sergiolus poonaensis
Hitobia singhi Gnaphosidae 445, f. 338-342 (f) Sergiolus singhi
Marinarozelotes jaxartensis Gnaphosidae 419, f. 283-287 (f) Drassodes indraprastha
Megamyrmaekion caudatum Gnaphosidae 372, f. 181-186 (mf) Megamyrmaekion ashae
Megamyrmaekion pritiae Gnaphosidae 369, f. 175-180 (Dmf) Scopodes pritiae
Nomisia harpax Gnaphosidae 336, f. 96-98 (m; as nothing in the text supports the return of this species to Gnaphosa, Tikader's placement is not catalogued as a transfer here) Gnaphosa harpax
Pandava laminata Titanoecidae 361, f. 154-157 (f) Phaeocedus nicobarensis
Poecilochroa barmani Gnaphosidae 451, f. 354-358 (f) Poecilochroa barmani
Poecilochroa kuljitae Gnaphosidae 367, f. 170-174 (Df) Scopodes kuljitae
Poecilochroa poonaensis Gnaphosidae 362, f. 158-163 (Df) Phaeocedus poonaensis
Prodidomus saharanpurensis Prodidomidae 357, f. 145-149 (Df) Micaria saharanpurensis
Scotophaeus domesticus Gnaphosidae 378, f. 195-197 (f) Scotophaeus domesticus
Scotophaeus goaensis Gnaphosidae 460, f. 372-376 (Df) Herpyllus goaensis
Scotophaeus madalasae Gnaphosidae 375, f. 187-191 (f) Scotophaeus madalasae
Scotophaeus poonaensis Gnaphosidae 380, f. 198-202 (Df) Scotophaeus poonaensis
Scotophaeus rajasthanus Gnaphosidae 377, f. 192-194 (f) Scotophaeus rajasthanus
Scotophaeus simlaensis Gnaphosidae 382, f. 203-207 (Df) Scotophaeus simlaensis
Setaphis browni Gnaphosidae 384, f. 208-212 (f) Liodrassus mandae
Setaphis solanensis Gnaphosidae 456, f. 363-367 (f) Nodocion solanensis
Setaphis subtilis Gnaphosidae 406, f. 253-256 (f; as no justification of a generic transfer was provided, and the species is not a Drassodes, no transfer was catalogued by Platnick, 1989b: 477) Drassodes lubrica
Setaphis subtilis Gnaphosidae 400, f. 238-243 (mf) Drassodes oppenheimeri
Sphingius barkudensis Liocranidae 438, f. 325-329 (f) Sosticus sundargarhensis
Sphingius caniceps Liocranidae 440, f. 330-334 (Df) [] Sosticus poonaensis
Sphingius dherikanalensis Liocranidae 434, f. 315-319 (f) Sosticus dherikanalensis
Sphingius nainitalensis Liocranidae 432, f. 310-314 (f) Sosticus nainitalensis
Sphingius solanensis Liocranidae 436, f. 320-324 (f) Sosticus solanensis
Talanites tibialis Gnaphosidae 443, f. 335-337 (m) Talanites tibialis
Urozelotes rusticus Gnaphosidae 397, f. 230-232 (f) Drassodes malodes
Xizangiana sedula Gnaphosidae 453, f. 359-362 (f) Poecilochroa sedula
Zelotes ashae Gnaphosidae 502, f. 465-469 (f) Zelotes ashae
Zelotes baltoroi Gnaphosidae 487, f. 428-431 (f; illustrations are of a gnaphosine rather than zelotine) Zelotes baltoroi
Zelotes chandosiensis Gnaphosidae 475, f. 398-402 (f) Zelotes chandosiensis
Zelotes choubeyi Gnaphosidae 508, f. 480-484 (f) Zelotes choubeyi
Zelotes desioi Gnaphosidae 494, f. 447-450 (f) Zelotes desioi
Zelotes jabalpurensis Gnaphosidae 506, f. 475-479 (f) Zelotes jabalpurensis
Zelotes kusumae Gnaphosidae 498, f. 455-459 (Df) Zelotes kusumae
Zelotes maindroni Gnaphosidae 516, f. 500-504 (f) Scotophinus maindroni
Zelotes mandae Gnaphosidae 492, f. 442-446 (f) Zelotes mandae
Zelotes mandlaensis Gnaphosidae 500, f. 460-464 (f) Zelotes mandlaensis
Zelotes nainitalensis Gnaphosidae 479, f. 408-412 (f) Zelotes nainitalensis
Zelotes naliniae Gnaphosidae 489, f. 432-326 (f) Zelotes naliniae
Zelotes nasikensis Gnaphosidae 491, f. 437-441 (f) Zelotes nasikensis
Zelotes poonaensis Gnaphosidae 477, f. 403-407 (f) Zelotes poonaensis
Zelotes pseudopusillus Gnaphosidae 496, f. 451-454 (f) Zelotes pseudopusillus
Zelotes sajali Gnaphosidae 485, f. 423-427 (f) Zelotes sajali
Zelotes sataraensis Gnaphosidae 504, f. 470-474 (f) Zelotes sataraensis
Zelotes scrutatus Gnaphosidae 458, f. 368-371 (f; no justification of a generic transfer is provided and the illustrations are based on a misidentified specimen, not the type as claimed, and shows a member of the Zelotes puritanus subgroup, not a Herpyllus per Platnick, 1989b: 477; misidentified per Sankaran, Caleb & Sebastian, 2021b: 2846) Herpyllus bicolor
Zelotes shantae Gnaphosidae 483, f. 418-422 (Df) Zelotes shantae
Zelotes sindi Gnaphosidae 473, f. 394-397 (f) Zelotes sindi
Zelotes surekhae Gnaphosidae 481, f. 413-417 (f) Zelotes surekhae
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