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Bosmans, R. & Jocqué, R. (1983). Scientific report of the Belgian Mount Cameroon Expedition 1981. No. 9. Family Linyphiidae (Araneae). Revue Zoologique Africaine 97: 581-617. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Araeoncus etinde Linyphiidae 582, f. 1a-e (Dmf) Araeoncus etinde
Araeoncus femineus Linyphiidae 584 (Tf from Gonatium) Araeoncus femineum
Araeoncus obtusus Linyphiidae 586, f. 2a-b (Dm) Araeoncus obtusus
Bursellia cameroonensis Linyphiidae 588, f. 3a-e (Dm) Bursellia cameroonensis
Cameroneta longiradix Linyphiidae 594, f. 5a-f (Dm) Cameroneta longiradix
Ceratinopsis fako Linyphiidae 589, f. 4a-e (Dmf) Ceratinopsis fako
Lepthyphantes buensis Linyphiidae 606, f. 9a-g (Dmf) Lepthyphantes buensis
Lepthyphantes silvamontanus Linyphiidae 608, f. 10a-c (Dm) Lepthyphantes silvamontanus
Limoneta graminicola Linyphiidae 598, f. 6a-c, 7e-h (Dmf) Limoneta graminicola
Limoneta sirimoni Linyphiidae 598, f. 6d-e, 7a-d (Tm from Lepthyphantes, Df) Limoneta sirimoni
Metaleptyphantes machadoi Linyphiidae 602, f. 8a-j (f, S) Metaleptyphantes machadoi
Neriene obtusa Linyphiidae 615, f. 11i Neriene obtusa
Neriene obtusoides Linyphiidae 612, f. 11a-h, 12a-e (Dmf) Neriene obtusoides
Prinerigone aethiopica Linyphiidae 591, f. 2c-h (f, Sm) Erigone aethiopica
Genus Family Page
Cameroneta Bosmans & Jocqué, 1983 Linyphiidae 593
Limoneta Bosmans & Jocqué, 1983 Linyphiidae 596