Included taxa

Brignoli, P. M. (1983c). A catalogue of the Araneae described between 1940 and 1981. Manchester University Press, 755 pp. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acanthepeira labidura Araneidae 255 Acanthepeira labidura
Acragas humaitae Salticidae 631 Acragas humaitae
Aculepeira albovittata Araneidae 263 (replacement name) Araneus melloi
Aculepeira carbonaria sinensis Araneidae 255 Aculepeira carbonaria sinensis
Aculepeira lapponica Araneidae 257 Araneus lapponicus
Aculepeira travassosi Araneidae 262 Araneus cutucensis
Aculepeira travassosi Araneidae 263 Araneus travassosi
Afraflacilla kraussi Salticidae 638 Flacillula kraussi
Agyneta vera Linyphiidae 307 Meioneta vera
Allocosa clariventris Lycosidae 434 Allocosa clariventris
Allocosa dingosaeformis Lycosidae 434 Allocosa dingosaeformis
Allocosa nigripes Lycosidae 434 Allocosa nigripes
Allocosa nigriventris Lycosidae 434 Allocosa nigriventris
Allomengea coreana Linyphiidae 288 Allomengea coreana
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 436 (belongs to a species related to Mustelicosa dimidiata per Marusik, 2018: 284) Alopecosa albostriatoides
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 436 (belongs to a species related to Mustelicosa dimidiata per Marusik, 2018: 284) Alopecosa fabifer
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 437 (belongs to a species related to Mustelicosa dimidiata per Marusik, 2018: 284) Alopecosa paralbostriata
Alopecosa albostriata Lycosidae 438 (belongs to a species related to Mustelicosa dimidiata per Marusik, 2018: 284) Alopecosa wiehlei
Alopecosa auripilosa Lycosidae 436 Alopecosa albofasciata fornicata
Alopecosa edax Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa pseudohirta
Alopecosa hamata Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa hamata
Alopecosa hamata Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa parahirta
Alopecosa kratochvili Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa kratochvili
Alopecosa lessertiana Lycosidae 437 (replacement name) Alopecosa lessertiana
Alopecosa licenti Lycosidae 436 Alopecosa argentata
Alopecosa licenti Lycosidae 436 Alopecosa bipennis
Alopecosa licenti Lycosidae 436 Alopecosa davidi
Alopecosa licenti Lycosidae 436 Alopecosa fenestrata
Alopecosa licenti Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa licenti
Alopecosa licenti Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa orbiculata
Alopecosa pseudocuneata Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa pseudocuneata
Alopecosa pseudocuneata Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa pseudopulverulenta
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 436 Alopecosa chazaudi
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 436 Alopecosa eruditoides
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa parasibirica
Alopecosa sibirica Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa potanini
Alopecosa sublimbata Lycosidae 438 (lapsus) Alopecosa sublimata
Alopecosa subrufa Lycosidae 433, 437 (replacement name for A. fusca) Alopecosa schenkeliana
Alopecosa subrufa Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa subrufa
Alopecosa sulzeri Lycosidae 436 Alopecosa aerosa
Alopecosa upembania Lycosidae 438 (lapsus) Alopecosa upembana
Alpaida elegantula Araneidae 256 Alpaida elegantula
Alpaida haligera Araneidae 256 Alpaida haligera
Alpaida quadrilorata Araneidae 256 Alpaida ocellifera
Alpaida truncata obscura Araneidae 256 Alpaida nigropustulata obscura
Alpaida truncata sexmaculata Araneidae 256 Alpaida nigropustulata sexmaculata
Amaurobius leechi Amaurobiidae 523 (replacement name) Amaurobius leechi
Ancylometes birabeni Ctenidae 462 Ancylometes birabeni
Antrohyphantes sophianus Linyphiidae 287 (Tmf from Lepthyphantes) Antrohyphantes sophianus
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 134 Aphonopelma brunnium
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 137 Gosipelma angusi
Aphonopelma iodius Theraphosidae 137 Gosipelma zionis
Aphonopelma nayaritum Theraphosidae 137 Gosipelma nayaritum
Aphonopelma ruedanum Theraphosidae 137 Gosipelma ruedanum
Aphonopelma steindachneri Theraphosidae 137 Gosipelma phanus
Araneus albilunatus Araneidae 259 Araneus albilunulatus
Araneus aurantiifemuris Araneidae 275 Metepeira aurantifemuris
Araneus bogotensis Araneidae 263 Araneus magnus
Araneus bryantae Araneidae 262 (replacement name) Araneus bryantae
Araneus compsus Araneidae 262 Araneus compsus
Araneus detrimentosus Araneidae 261 Araneus vesta
Araneus ejusmodi Araneidae 257 Araneus lithyphantiformis
Araneus elizabethae Araneidae 230 (replacement name for Meta blanda Bryant) Meta bryantae
Araneus faxoni Araneidae 262 Araneus faxoni
Araneus guttatus Araneidae 263 (replacement name) Araneus leitaoi
Araneus hispaniola Araneidae 262 Araneus hispaniola
Araneus omnicolor Araneidae 262 Araneus farinosus
Araneus pegnia Araneidae 260 Araneus bellus
Araneus pogisa Araneidae 260 Araneus pogisa
Araneus recherchensis Araneidae 260 Araneus recherchensis
Araneus subumbrosus Araneidae 260 Araneus subombrosus
Arbanitis robertsi Idiopidae 114 Dyarcyops roberti
Arctosa kadjahkaia Lycosidae 439 (lapsus) Arctosa kadjakhaia
Arctosa lacupemba Lycosidae 440 Arctosa lacupemba
Arctosa ripaecola Lycosidae 440 Arctosa ripaecola
Arctosa sjostedti Lycosidae 440 Arctosa sjostedti
Arctosa variana Lycosidae 439 Arctosa perita latithorax
Argiope aemula Araneidae 242 Argiope ornata lineata
Argiope catenulata Araneidae 243 Argiope ornata turricula
Argyrodes exlineae Theridiidae 393 Argyrodes exlineae
Argyrodes kratochvili Theridiidae 393 Argyrodes kratochvili
Argyrodes unimaculatus Theridiidae 394 Argyrodes unimaculatus
Artoria flavimana Lycosidae 450 (lapsus) Lycosa naboissi
Baryphyma insigne Linyphiidae 328 Baryphyma insignis
Baryphyma maritimum Linyphiidae 328 Baryphyma maritima
Bassaniodes loeffleri Thomisidae 622 Xysticus loeffleri
Bassaniodes squalidus Thomisidae 625 Xysticus oromii
Berlandina potanini Gnaphosidae 565 Berlandina potanini
Borboropactus elephantus Thomisidae 605 Borboropactus elephantus
Brommella bishopi Dictynidae 518 Brommella bishopi
Brommella lactea Dictynidae 518 Brommella lactea
Callilepis rajasthanica Gnaphosidae 566 Callilepis rajasthanica
Callitrichia aliena Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax alienus
Callitrichia aliena Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax digitatus
Callitrichia cacuminata Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax cacuminatus
Callitrichia formosana Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax formosanus
Callitrichia glabriceps Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax glabriceps
Callitrichia inacuminata Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax inacuminatus
Callitrichia incerta Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax incertus
Callitrichia meruensis Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax meruensis
Callitrichia obtusifrons Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax obtusifrons
Callitrichia paludicola Linyphiidae 350 Oedothorax paludicola
Callitrichia ruwenzoriensis Linyphiidae 350 Oedothorax ruwenzoriensis
Callitrichia silvatica Linyphiidae 350 Oedothorax silvaticus
Callitrichia taeniata Linyphiidae 350 Oedothorax taeniatus
Callitrichia turrita Linyphiidae 350 Oedothorax turritus
Callobius hyonasus Amaurobiidae 523 (lapsus) Callobius hyonasius
Cantuaria toddae Idiopidae 113 Cantuaria toddae
Caviphantes dobrogicus Linyphiidae 329 Caviphantes dobrogicus
Centromerus ictericus Linyphiidae 286 (S) Lepthyphantes eugeni
Ceraticelus nigripes Linyphiidae 329 Ceraticelus nigriceps
Ceratinopsis infuscata Linyphiidae 340 Grammonota acripes infuscata
Ceratinopsis setoensis Linyphiidae 330 Ceratinopsis setoensis
Chilobrachys himalayensis Theraphosidae 139 Phlogiodes himalayaensis
Chrysometa conspersa Tetragnathidae 227 Capichameta conspersa
Chrysometa cornuta Tetragnathidae 227 Capichameta cornuta
Chrysometa distincta Tetragnathidae 227 Capichameta distincta
Chrysometa flavicans Tetragnathidae 227 Capichameta flavicans
Chrysometa guttata Tetragnathidae 227 (lapsus) Capichameta riberoi
Chrysometa hamata Tetragnathidae 227 Capichameta hamata
Chrysometa linguiformis Tetragnathidae 227 Capichameta linguiformis
Chrysometa obscura Tetragnathidae 227 Capichameta obscura
Chrysso nordica Theridiidae 389 Achaearanea nordica
Collinsia despaxi Linyphiidae 332 Collinsia despaxi
Collinsia oatimpa Linyphiidae 332 Collinsia oatimpa
Collinsia stylifera Linyphiidae 332 (N.B.: considered a junior S of Halorates alascensis (Banks, 1900) by Buckle et al., 2001: 122) Collinsia stylifera
Coryssocnemis clara Pholcidae 161 Coryssocnemis clara
Coryssocnemis faceta Pholcidae 161 Coryssocnemis faceta
Cresmatoneta leucophthalma Linyphiidae 293 Cresmatoneta leucophthalma
Crustulina starmuehlneri Theridiidae 398 Crustulina starmuehlneri
Cybaeus anaiwaensis Cybaeidae 485 (lapsus) Dolichocybaeus anaiwensis
Cybaeus fuujinensis Cybaeidae 455 (lapsus) Dolichocybaeus fujinensis
Cybaeus sanctus Cybaeidae 485 Cybaeus sanctus
Cybaeus shingenni Cybaeidae 454 (lapsus) Cybaeus shingeni
Dasumia diomedea Dysderidae 172 (lapsus) Dasumia diomedaea
Dictyna dauna Dictynidae 514 (T here rejected as the species was not placed in "section" Emblyna by Chamberlin & Gertsch, 1958) Emblyna dauna
Dictyna pictella Dictynidae 514 (T here rejected as the species was not placed in "section" Emblyna by Chamberlin & Gertsch, 1958) Emblyna pictella
Dictyna saltona Dictynidae 514 (T here rejected as the species was not placed in "section" Emblyna by Chamberlin & Gertsch, 1958) Emblyna saltona
Dictyna tristis Dictynidae 516 Nigma tristis
Dipoena aculeata Theridiidae 399 Dipoena aculeata
Dipoena santacatarinae Theridiidae 403 (lapsus) Dipoena santacaterinae
Dipoena setosa Theridiidae 399 Dipoena setosa
Doenitzius pruvus Linyphiidae 293 (original spelling regarded as lapsus) Doenitzius parvus
Dolomedes mizhoanus Pisauridae 466 (lapsus) Dolomedes mizuhoanus
Dolomedes saganus Pisauridae 465 (nomen nudum) Dolomedes lativirgatus
Dolomedes tadzhikistanicus Pisauridae 466 Dolomedes tadzhikistanus
Drassodes sirmourensis Gnaphosidae 567 Drassodes sirmourensis
Drepanotylus borealis Linyphiidae 309 Notiomaso borealis
Dubiepeira neptunina Araneidae 263 Araneus neptuninus
Emblyna aiko Dictynidae 514 (Tm from Dictyna) Emblyna aiko
Emblyna ardea Dictynidae 514 (Tmf from Dictyna) Emblyna ardea
Emblyna branchi Dictynidae 514 (Tm from Dictyna) Emblyna branchi
Emblyna chitina Dictynidae 514 (Tm from Dictyna) Emblyna chitina
Emblyna coweta Dictynidae 514 (Tmf from Dictyna) Emblyna coweta
Emblyna joaquina Dictynidae 514 (Tf from Dictyna) Emblyna joaquina
Emblyna klamatha Dictynidae 514 (Tmf from Dictyna) Emblyna klamatha
Emblyna linda Dictynidae 514 (Tf from Dictyna) Emblyna linda
Emblyna marissa Dictynidae 514 (Tf from Dictyna) Emblyna marissa
Emblyna melva Dictynidae 514 (Tmf from Dictyna) Emblyna melva
Emblyna nanda Dictynidae 514 (Tf from Dictyna) Emblyna nanda
Emblyna osceola Dictynidae 514 (Tf from Dictyna) Emblyna osceola
Emblyna pinalia Dictynidae 514 (Tf from Dictyna) Emblyna pinalia
Emblyna seminola Dictynidae 514 (Tf from Dictyna) Emblyna seminola
Emblyna serena Dictynidae 514 (Tmf from Dictyna) Emblyna serena
Emblyna shasta Dictynidae 515 (Tf from Dictyna) Emblyna shasta
Emblyna shoshonea Dictynidae 515 (Tmf from Dictyna) Emblyna shoshonea
Erigone dumitrescuae Linyphiidae 336 Erigone dumitrescuae
Erigone neocaledonica Linyphiidae 336 Erigone neocaledonica
Erigone stygia Linyphiidae 336 Erigone stygia
Erigonoplus dilatus Linyphiidae 338 Erigonoplus dilatus
Erigonoplus foveatus Linyphiidae 345 Mecynargus foveolatus
Erigonoplus latefissus Linyphiidae 338 Erigonoplus latefissus
Eriovixia cavaleriei Araneidae 257 Araneus cavalierei
Eris riedeli Salticidae 637 Eris riedeli
Eupalaestrus campestratus Theraphosidae 137 (lapsus) Eupalaestrus tenuitarsus
Euryopis mutoloi Theridiidae 407 (lapsus) Euryopis mutuloi
Euryopis petricola Theridiidae 407 Euryopis petricola
Euryopis pilosa Theridiidae 407 Euryopis pilosa
Eustala novemmamillata Araneidae 270 Eustala novemmamillata
Fageiella ensigera Linyphiidae 294 Fageiella ensigera
Faiditus sullana Theridiidae 395 (invalid emendation, specific name is a noun in apposition) Argyrodes sullanus
Falcileptoneta usihanana Leptonetidae 196 (lapsus) Falcileptoneta ushihanana
Floricomus nasutus Linyphiidae 323 (S) Floricomus nasutus
Fufius annulipes Rhytidicolidae 114 Hermorhachias annulipes
Gasparia nelsonensis Toxopidae 491 (lapsus) Gasparia nelsoniensis
Gasparia tuaiensis Toxopidae 491 (lapsus) Gasparia tuiaensis
Gephyrota glauca Philodromidae 599 Gephyrota glauca
Gephyrota viridipallida Philodromidae 599 Gephyrota viridipallida
Gonatium arimaense Linyphiidae 339 Gonatium arimaense
Gonatium rubens Linyphiidae 339 Gonatium buettneri
Goneatara platyrhinus Linyphiidae 357 Sougambus georgensis
Hahnia corticicola Hahniidae 505 (nomen nudum) Hahnia nipponica
Hahnia naguaboi Hahniidae 506 Hahnia naguaboi
Hahnia spasskyi Hahniidae 505 (rejected transfer) Hahnia spasskyi
Haplodrassus rufus Gnaphosidae 565 Aphantaulax rufus
Hasarina contortospinosa Salticidae 639 Hasarina contortispinosa
Heligmomerus garoensis Idiopidae 115 Idiops garoensis
Hemirrhagus stygius Theraphosidae 140 Schizopelma stygium
Hexapopha m-scripta Oonopidae 183 (spelling based on a typesetting error in the heading, but not elsewhere, of Birabén, 1954a) Gamasomorpha emscripta
Hippasa deserticola Lycosidae 459 Trochosa loeffleri
Hitobia singhi Gnaphosidae 577 (lapsus) Sergiolus singhii
Hogna hickmani Lycosidae 446 Hogna hickmani
Hogna magnosepta Lycosidae 444 Hogna magnoseptum
Hogna pseudoradiata Lycosidae 444 Hogna pseudoradiata
Hogna rubetra Lycosidae 444 Hogna rubetra
Hypognatha mirandaribeiroi Araneidae 271 (lapsus) Hypognatha mirandariberoi
Hypomma brevitibiale Linyphiidae 342 Hypomma brevitibiale
Hypomma coalescera Linyphiidae 342 Hypomma coalescera
Hypomma nordlandicum Linyphiidae 342 Hypomma nordlandicum
Hypomma subarcticum Linyphiidae 342 Hypomma subarcticum
Hypsosinga lithyphantoides dealbata Araneidae 271 Hypsosinga lithyphantoides dealbata
Iberina ljovuschkini Hahniidae 506 (rejected transfer) Iberina ljovuschkini
Idiops madrasensis Idiopidae 115 Idiops madrasensis
Islandiana muma Linyphiidae 343 Islandiana mumai
Ixchela placida Pholcidae 161 Coryssocnemis placida
Jacksonella sexoculata Linyphiidae 327 Asthenargus sexoculatus
Jalapyphantes minoratus Linyphiidae 295 Jalapyphantes minoratus
Kaemis circe Dysderidae 178 Rhode circe
Kaira candidissima Araneidae 271 Kaira candidissima
Kapogea sellata Araneidae 262 (replacement name for A. rugosus Franganillo) Araneus franganilloides
Ketambea nigripectoris Linyphiidae 304 Neriene nigripectoris
Lasaeola bequaerti Theridiidae 401 (lapsus) Dipoena becquaerti
Lathrothele grabensis Ischnothelidae 126 Lathrothele marmorata
Lathys heterophthalma Dictynidae 519 Lathys bifoveolata
Lepthyphantes centromeroides carpaticus Linyphiidae 296 (lapsus) Lepthyphantes bureschi carpathicus
Lepthyphantes nigropictus Linyphiidae 300 Lepthyphantes nigropictus
Leptonetela strinatii Leptonetidae 198 (Tf from Protoleptoneta) Leptonetela strinatii
Leucauge roseosignata Tetragnathidae 228 Leucauge roseosignata
Leucauge soeensis Tetragnathidae 227 Leucauge sooensis
Lewisepeira farri Araneidae 263 Araneus lewisi
Linothele melloleitaoi Dipluridae 124 (replacement name) Diplura melloleitaoi
Linyphia chiapasia Linyphiidae 303 Linyphia chapasia
Lycosa fasciiventris Lycosidae 434 Allocosa panousei
Lycosa suboculata Lycosidae 434 Allocosa suboculata
Lycosoides caparti Agelenidae 700 (Tf from Textrix) Lycosoides caparti
Lygromma peruvianum Prodidomidae 560 Lygromma peruvianum
Lysiteles maius Thomisidae 609 Lysiteles maior
Machadocara gongylioides Linyphiidae 344 (lapsus) Machadocara gongylidioides
Macrothele abrupta Macrothelidae 126 Macrothele abrupta
Macrothele incisa Macrothelidae 126 Macrothele incisa
Maimuna bovierlapierrei Agelenidae 700 (S) Maimuna bovierlapierrei
Malaika longipes Phyxelididae 528 Phyxelida grindleyi
Mallos nigrescens Dictynidae 515 Mallos nigrescens
Mangua forsteri Physoglenidae 303 (replacement name) Linyphia forsteri
Mariblemma pandani Tetrablemmidae 158 (Tmf from Paculla) Monoblemma pandani
Marilynia bicolor littoralis Dictynidae 515 Marilynia bicolor littoralis
Marinarozelotes jaxartensis Gnaphosidae 578 Zelotes cavalierei
Masikia relicta Linyphiidae 332 Collinsia relicta
Masirana cinevacea Leptonetidae 199 Masirana cineracea
Masteria barona Dipluridae 126 Masteria barona
Masteria downeyi Dipluridae 126 Masteria doweeyi
Masteria simla Dipluridae 126 Masteria simla
Mecynargus monticola Linyphiidae 345 Mecynargus monticola
Mecynargus pyrenaeus Linyphiidae 345 Mecynargus pyrenaeus
Mecynogea lemniscata Araneidae 274 Mecynogea affinitata
Mecynogea martiana Araneidae 274 Mecynogea martiana
Melpomene quadrata Agelenidae 479 Ritalena quadrata
Mermessus naniwaensis Linyphiidae 337 Erigonidium naniwaense
Mermessus socius Linyphiidae 336 Eperigone socia
Mesabolivar aurantiacus Pholcidae 160 Blechroscelis irrorata
Mesabolivar exlineae Pholcidae 164 Modisimus exlineae
Mesabolivar spinulosus Pholcidae 160 Blechroscelis spiniulosa
Metagonia strinatii Pholcidae 164 (Tmf from Spermophora) Metagonia strinatii
Metagonia suzanne Pholcidae 164 Metagonia suzannae
Miagrammopes indicus Uloboridae 217 Miagrammopes indicus
Micaria dives Gnaphosidae 583 (replacement name for M. similis) Micaria tyschchenkoi
Micrargus dilutus Linyphiidae 346 Micrargus dilutus
Micrargus pervicax Linyphiidae 346 Micrargus pervicax
Micrathena cubana Araneidae 248 Micrathena patruelis alba
Micrathena cubana Araneidae 248 Micrathena patruelis rufa
Micrathena ruschii Araneidae 249 Micrathena ruschi
Micrathena sanctispiritus Araneidae 249 (replacement name) Micrathena sanctispiritus
Microbathyphantes tateyamaensis Linyphiidae 310 Porrhomma kisoense
Microbathyphantes tateyamaensis Linyphiidae 311 Porrhomma tateyamaense
Microctenonyx apuliae Linyphiidae 346 Microctenonyx apuliae
Microctenonyx evansae Linyphiidae 346 Microctenonyx evansae
Micropholcomma mirum Anapidae 374 Micropholcomma mirum
Micropholcomma parmatum Anapidae 374 Micropholcomma parmatum
Migas toddae Migidae 120 Migas toddae
Misumenops armatus Thomisidae 610 Misumenops armatus
Misumenops turanicus Thomisidae 611 Misumenops turanicus
Monaeses fasciculiger Thomisidae 612 Monaeses fasciculigerus
Monocephalus castaneipes Linyphiidae 324 (S) Monocephalus castaneipes
Myrmarachne confusa Salticidae 645 Myrmarachne confusa
Myrmarachne melanocephala Salticidae 644 (lapsus) Myrmarachne orientalis
Myrmele andringitra Salticidae 645 (lapsus) Myrmarachne andringintra
Mysmena tasmaniae Mysmenidae 376 (Tmf from Mysmena because of alleged relationships with C. incredula Gertsch & Davis, 1936) Calodipoena tasmaniae
Nasoona wunderlichi Linyphiidae 349 (replacement name) Oedothorax wunderlichi
Neoscona spasskyi Araneidae 258 (replacement name for Araneus cruciferoides) Araneus spasskyi
Neoscona subfusca Araneidae 260 Araneus granatai
Neoscona tedgenica Araneidae 255 (Tf from Araneus) Aculepeira tedgenica
Neozimiris nuda Prodidomidae 561 Neozimiris nuda
Neriene cavaleriei Linyphiidae 303 Linyphia cavalierei
Neriene comoroensis Linyphiidae 304 Linyphia comoroensis
Neriene flammea Linyphiidae 304 Linyphia flammea
Neriene natalensis Linyphiidae 304 Linyphia natalensis
Nesticus akiyoshiensis ofuku Nesticidae 234 (lapsus) Nesticus akiyoshiensis okufu
Nesticus carolinensis Nesticidae 238 (Tmf from Ivesia) Nesticus carolinensis
Nigma laeta Dictynidae 515 Nigma laeta
Nigma linsdalei Dictynidae 515 (Tmf from Heterodictyna=Mallos) Nigma linsdalei
Nihonhimea indica Theridiidae 416 Theridion indicum
Notiomaso flavus Linyphiidae 309 Notiomaso flavus
Notiomaso grytvikensis Linyphiidae 309 Notiomaso grytvikensis
Nurscia albofasciata Titanoecidae 532 (Lehtinen's synonymy judged "uncertain," but subsequently accepted by other authors) Titanoeca nipponica
Ocrepeira bispinosa Araneidae 264 Carepalxis bispinosa
Odo drescoi Xenoctenidae 590 Odo drescoi
Opopaea concolor Oonopidae 188 (Tmf from Gamasomorpha) Opopaea atlantica
Oreonetides shimizui Linyphiidae 309 Notiomaso shimizui
Oxyopes chittrae Oxyopidae 536 (lapsus) Oxyopes chitrae
Pachygnatha quadrimaculata Tetragnathidae 220 (S) Dyschiriognatha quadrimaculata
Paikiniana bella Linyphiidae 363 Walckenaeria bella
Palliduphantes byzantinus Linyphiidae 688 (S) Lepthyphantes byzantinus
Palliduphantes istrianus Linyphiidae 298 (lapsus) Lepthyphantes korculanus
Panamomops mutilus Linyphiidae 351 Panamomops mutilus
Paramamoea insulana Desidae 503 Paramamoea insulana
Parasteatoda lunata serrata Theridiidae 391 (Tf from Theridion) Achaearanea lunata serrata
Parawixia kochi Araneidae 263 (Tm because of erroneous generic synonymy) Araneus setosus
Pardosa algoides Lycosidae 452 (replacement name for P. uncata) Pardosa ehrenfriedi
Pardosa amamiensis Lycosidae 448 (lapsus) Lycosa amamiana
Pardosa krausi Lycosidae 455 Pardosa krausi
Pardosa minuta Lycosidae 454 Pardosa minuta
Parhypomma naraense Linyphiidae 335 Entelecara naraensis
Pelecopsis alticola kivuensis Linyphiidae 352 (Tmf from Trichopterna) Pelecopsis alticola kivuensis
Pelecopsis bucephala Linyphiidae 352 Pelecopsis semitecta
Pelecopsis bucephala Linyphiidae 352 Pelecopsis uncinata
Pelecopsis denisi Linyphiidae 351 (replacement name) Pelecopsis denisi
Pelecopsis hipporegia Linyphiidae 351 Pelecopsis hipporegia
Pelecopsis moschensis Linyphiidae 352 Pelecopsis moschensis
Pelecopsis mutica Linyphiidae 352 Pelecopsis mutica
Pelecopsis partita Linyphiidae 352 Pelecopsis partita
Pelicinus marmoratus Oonopidae 193 Traieris reticulata
Phantyna meridensis Dictynidae 516 (Tm from Varyna=Dictyna) Phantyna meridensis
Phantyna varyna miranda Dictynidae 516 (Tmf from Dictyna) Phantyna varyna miranda
Phidippus yashodharae Salticidae 650 (lapsus; N.B.: probably misplaced in this genus, per Edwards, 2004: 6) Phidippus yashodarae
Phintella cavaleriei Salticidae 636 Dexippus cavalierei
Phlegra sierrana Salticidae 658 (probably misplaced) Yllenus pennatus
Phoroncidia cygnea Theridiidae 409 Phoroncidia cygnea
Phoroncidia kibonotensis concolor Theridiidae 409 Phoroncidia kibonotensis concolor
Phoroncidia pukeiwa Theridiidae 409 Phoroncidia pukeiwa
Phoroncidia puketoru Theridiidae 409 Phoroncidia puketoru
Phoroncidia trituberculata Theridiidae 409 Phoroncidia trituberculata
Pirata trepidus Lycosidae 457 Pirata trepidus
Pirata werneri Lycosidae 699 Pirata werneri
Piratula piratoides Lycosidae 456 Pirata praedatorius
Piratula tanakai Lycosidae 456 (replacement name) Pirata tanakai
Pistius robustus Thomisidae 614 Pistius robustus
Plesiopelma imperatrix Theraphosidae 137 (T due to generic S of Eurypelma, but that S rejected by Raven, 1985a: 157) Eurypelma imperatrix
Plexippoides flavescens Salticidae 658 Yllenus starmuehlneri
Porrhomma montanum Linyphiidae 310 Porrhomma hakusanense
Praestigia groenlandica Linyphiidae 328 Baryphyma groenlandica
Praestigia kulczynskii Linyphiidae 328 Baryphyma kulczynskii
Pterotricha strandi Gnaphosidae 584 Bobineus loeffleri
Rachias piracicabensis Pycnothelidae 116 Rachias intermedius
Rachias piracicabensis Pycnothelidae 116 (lapsus for Rachias piracicabensis) Rachias plerumque
Rhene decorata Salticidae 653 Rhene decorata
Rhene indica Salticidae 653 Rhene indica
Rhomphaea rostrata Theridiidae 393 Argyrodes canariensis
Robertus arcticus Theridiidae 411 Robertus arcticus
Robertus banksi Theridiidae 411 Robertus banksi
Robertus borealis Theridiidae 411 Robertus borealis
Robertus crosbyi Theridiidae 411 Robertus crosbyi
Robertus floridensis Theridiidae 411 Robertus floridensis
Robertus longipalpus Theridiidae 411 Robertus longipalpus
Robertus similis Theridiidae 411 Robertus similis
Rudakius ludhianaensis Salticidae 630, 642 (S of Marpissa ludhianaensis Sadana & Kaur, 1974) Marpissa ludhianaensis
Savarna miser Pholcidae 171 Spermophora misera
Scaphioides halatus Oonopidae 191 (lapsus) Stenoonops galatus
Scotinella dixiana Phrurolithidae 583 (Tmf from Scotinella, rejected) Phrurolithus dixianus
Scotinotylus provo Linyphiidae 355 Scotinotylus provo
Scytodes fusca Scytodidae 150 Scytodes torquata
Scytodes globula Scytodidae 149 Scytodes aguapeyana
Semljicola alticola Linyphiidae 356 Semljicola alticola
Semljicola angulatus Linyphiidae 356 Semljicola angulata
Semljicola barbiger Linyphiidae 356 Semljicola assimilis
Semljicola convexus Linyphiidae 356 Semljicola convexa
Semljicola simplex Linyphiidae 356 Semljicola sibirica
Sericopelma rubronitens Theraphosidae 134 Aphonopelma consocium
Setaphis browni Gnaphosidae 574 Nodocion mandae
Siamspinops formosensis Selenopidae 591 (lapsus) Selenops formosanus
Sibianor pullus Salticidae 639 Harmochirus niger
Sicarius rupestris Sicariidae 145 Sicarius irregularis
Sidymella kolpogaster Thomisidae 605 Sidymella kolpogaster
Singa neta Araneidae 412 Steatoda pollocki
Speocera karkari Ochyroceratidae 153 Speocera karkari
Speocera papuana Ochyroceratidae 154 Speocera papuana
Spirembolus approximatus Linyphiidae 357 Spirembolus approximatus
Steatoda badia Theridiidae 412 Steatoda badia
Steatoda cingulata Theridiidae 411 Steatoda cavalierei
Steatoda fagei Theridiidae 412 Steatoda fagei
Steatoda incomposita Theridiidae 411 Steatoda incomposita
Steatoda lawrencei Theridiidae 412 (replacement name) Steatoda lawrencei
Steatoda lepida Theridiidae 412 Steatoda regia
Steatoda minima Theridiidae 412 Steatoda minima
Steatoda nasata Theridiidae 412 Steatoda nasata
Steatoda subannulata Theridiidae 412 Steatoda cingulata
Steatoda triangulosa Theridiidae 412 Steatoda lugubris
Storena caporiaccoi Zodariidae 211 (replacement name) Storena caporiaccoi
Synagelides cavaleriei Salticidae 656 Tagoria cavalierei
Synema decoratum Thomisidae 615 Synema decoratum
Synema maculatovittatum Thomisidae 615 Synema maculatovittatum
Synema tadzhikistanicum Thomisidae 615 Synema tadzhikistanum
Talanites atscharicus Gnaphosidae 577 Talanites atscharicus
Talavera milleri Salticidae 637 (replacement name) Euophrys milleri
Tallusia bicristata Linyphiidae 292 Centromerus bicristatus
Tamgrinia coelotiformis Agelenidae 524 (Tf from Amaurobius) Tamgrinia coelotiformis
Tamgrinia laticeps Agelenidae 524 Tamgrinia potanini
Tatepeira tatarendensis Araneidae 262 (replacement name) Araneus akeholmi
Tegenaria pontica Agelenidae 481 Tegenaria pontica
Tetrablemma helenense Tetrablemmidae 158 Tetrablemma helenense
Tetrablemma samoense Tetrablemmidae 158 Tetrablemma samoense
Tetragnatha cavaleriei Tetragnathidae 223 (lapsus) Tetragnatha cavalierei
Tetragnatha exilima Tetragnathidae 221 (lapsus) Cyrtognatha exillima
Tetragnatha franganilloi Tetragnathidae 225 (replacement name) Tetragnatha franganilloi
Tetragnatha javana Tetragnathidae 221 (Tf from Tetragnatha) Arundognatha vermiventris
Thanatus denisi Philodromidae 602 (replacement name) Thanatus denisi
Thanatus lanceoletus Philodromidae 603 Thanatus lanceoletus
Theridion exlineae Theridiidae 423 Theridion exlineae
Theridion pernambucum Theridiidae 425 (lapsus) Theridion pernambuco
Theridion proximum Theridiidae 417 Theridion proximum
Theridion sanctum Theridiidae 421 Theridion sanctum
Theridion yunnanense Theridiidae 416 Theridion yunnanense
Thiania cavaleriei Salticidae 656 Thiania cavalierei
Thomisus cavaleriei Thomisidae 616 Thomisus cavalierei
Thomisus madagascariensis pallidus Thomisidae 617 Thomisus madagascariensis pallidus
Thomisus obtusesetulosus Thomisidae 617 Thomisus obtusesetolosus
Thymoites simplex Theridiidae 430 Thymoites simplex
Tmarus cancellatus congoensis Thomisidae 618 Tmarus cancellatus congolensis
Tmarus histrix Thomisidae 619 (lapsus corrected, but original spelling protected after ICZN Article 32.3) Tmarus hystrix
Toschia aberdarensis Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax aberdarensis
Toschia concolor Linyphiidae 349 Oedothorax concolor
Toschia cypericola Linyphiidae 693 Oedothorax cypericolus
Toschia picta Linyphiidae 345 Mecynargus hadzji
Toschia picta Linyphiidae 350 Oedothorax pictus
Toschia spinosa Linyphiidae 350 Oedothorax spinosus
Toschia telekii Linyphiidae 350 Oedothorax telekii
Trachelas organatus Trachelidae 558 (lapsus) Trachelas origanatus
Trichonephila clavata Araneidae 241 (lapsus) Nephila clavata cavalierei
Trichopelma fulvum Theraphosidae 131 Psalistops fulvus
Trichopelma fulvum Theraphosidae 131 Psalistops maculosus
Trichopterna cucurbitina Linyphiidae 338 Erigonoplus alticeps
Trochosa hispanica Lycosidae 447 (lapsus) Loculla austrocaspica
Trogloneta paradoxa Mysmenidae 380 Trogloneta paradoxa
Typhochrestus cyrenanius Linyphiidae 362 (lapsus) Typhochrestus cyrenianus
Uloborus berlandi Uloboridae 216 (S) Uloborus berlandi
Ummeliata insecticeps Linyphiidae 324 (nomen nudum) Lophocarenum yuharai
Ummidia audouini Halonoproctidae 117 Ummidia absoluta
Ummidia beatula Halonoproctidae 117 Ummidia beatula
Ummidia beatula Halonoproctidae 117 Ummidia pygmaea
Ummidia funerea Halonoproctidae 117 Ummidia celsa
Ummidia gandjinoi Halonoproctidae 117 Ummidia gandjinoi
Uroctea lesserti Oecobiidae 216 Uroctea undecimmaculata
Venonia vilkkii Lycosidae 460 (lapsus) Venonia vilkii
Vidole capensis Phyxelididae 528 Phyxelida profundissima
Vitalius vellutinus Theraphosidae 133, 139 (lapsus) Pamphobeteus cephalopeus
Walckenaeria brucei Linyphiidae 364 Walckenaeria brucei
Walckenaeria picetorum Linyphiidae 366 Walckenaeria picetorum
Walckenaeria vilbasteae Linyphiidae 365 Walckenaeria vilbasteae
Zodariellum continentale Zodariidae 212 Zodarion continentale
Zodarion testaceofasciatum Zodariidae 213 Zodarion testaceofasciatum
Zyuzicosa nenjukovi Lycosidae 437 Alopecosa nenjukovi
No genus found for this reference