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Dippenaar-Schoeman, A. S. (1983). The spider genera Misumena, Misumenops, Runcinia and Thomisus (Araneae: Thomisidae) of southern Africa. Entomology Memoir, Department of Agriculture Republic of South Africa 55: 1-66. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ansiea tuckeri Thomisidae 56, f. 36a-d (mf, T from Misumenops) Misumena tuckeri
Misumena natalensis Thomisidae 56 (type lost, not identifiable, incertae sedis, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Misumena natalensis
Misumenops rubrodecoratus Thomisidae 51, f. 33a-f (mf) Misumenops rubrodecorata
Runcinia aethiops Thomisidae 46, f. 29a-d (mf) Runcinia aethiops
Runcinia carae Thomisidae 41, f. 24a-e (Dmf) Runcinia carae
Runcinia depressa Thomisidae 44, f. 26a-e (mf) Runcinia depressa
Runcinia erythrina Thomisidae 43, f. 25a-d (mf) Runcinia erythrina
Runcinia flavida Thomisidae 39, f. 22b-d (mf) Runcinia flavida
Runcinia grammica Thomisidae 48, f. 30a-b (f) Runcinia lateralis
Runcinia insecta Thomisidae 46, f. 28a-c (mf) Runcinia affinis
Runcinia johnstoni Thomisidae 41, f. 23a-c (mf) Runcinia johnstoni
Runcinia tropica Thomisidae 45, f. 27a-b (f) Runcinia tropica
Thomisus australis Thomisidae 30, f. 17a-e (mf, S) Thomisus australis
Thomisus blandus Thomisidae 13, f. 7a-d (mf, S of Thomisus anthobius, T. a. alboirroratus, T. a. delesserti, T. a. ocellitibiis and T. sus) Thomisus blandus
Thomisus citrinellus Thomisidae 22, f. 13a-e (mf, S) Thomisus citrinellus
Thomisus congoensis Thomisidae 35, f. 19a-b (m) Thomisus congoensis
Thomisus dalmasi Thomisidae 33, f. 18a-d (m, Sf) Thomisus dalmasi
Thomisus daradioides Thomisidae 25, f. 14a-d (f, Sm) Thomisus daradioides
Thomisus granulatus Thomisidae 15, f. 8a-f (mf, S) Thomisus granulatus
Thomisus hottentotus Thomisidae 36 (not identifiable, incertae sedis, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Thomisus hottentotus
Thomisus kalaharinus Thomisidae 27, f. 15a-c (f, S of Thomisus urbensis) Thomisus kalaharinus
Thomisus lenzi Thomisidae 36 (not identifiable, incertae sedis, taken as nomen dubium by Platnick) Thomisus lenzi
Thomisus machadoi Thomisidae 36, f. 20a-b (m) Thomisus machadoi
Thomisus natalensis Thomisidae 19, f. 10a-d (f) Thomisus natalensis
Thomisus schultzei Thomisidae 21, f. 12a-c (f) Thomisus schultzei
Thomisus scrupeus Thomisidae 17, f. 9a-g (mf, S) Thomisus scrupeus
Thomisus spiculosus Thomisidae 11, f. 6a-f (mf, S) Thomisus spiculosus
Thomisus stenningi Thomisidae 28, f. 16a-d (f, Sm) Thomisus stenningi
Thomisus zuluanus Thomisidae 20, f. 11a-c (f) Thomisus zuluanus
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