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Dondale, C. D. & Redner, J. H. (1983a). Revision of the wolf spiders of the genus Arctosa C. L. Koch in North and Central America (Araneae: Lycosidae). Journal of Arachnology 11: 1-30. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Arctosa alpigena Lycosidae 15, f. 33-41 (mf) Arctosa alpigena
Arctosa cinerea Lycosidae 1, f. 1-4 (mf) Arctosa cinerea
Arctosa emertoni Lycosidae 7, f. 9-15 (Tmf from Trochosomma=Trochosa) Arctosa emertoni
Arctosa insignita Lycosidae 18, f. 42-45 (mf) Arctosa insignita
Arctosa lama Lycosidae 14, f. 27, 29-32 (Dmf) Arctosa lama
Arctosa littoralis Lycosidae 24, f. 65-74 (mf, S) Arctosa littoralis
Arctosa minuta Lycosidae 21, f. 50-56 (mf, S) Arctosa minuta
Arctosa perita Lycosidae 19, f. 46-49 (mf, S L. p. latithorax, rejected) Arctosa perita
Arctosa raptor Lycosidae 5, f. 5-8 (Tmf from Trochosa, S) Arctosa raptor
Arctosa rubicunda Lycosidae 10, f. 16-21 (Tmf from Crocodilosa, S) Arctosa rubicunda
Arctosa sanctaerosae Lycosidae 24, f. 60, 62-64 (mf) Arctosa sanctaerosae
Arctosa serii Lycosidae 26, f. 57-59, 61 (mf) Arctosa serii
Arctosa virgo Lycosidae 12, f. 22-26, 28 (Tmf from Allocosa) Arctosa virgo
Tessarops maritima Lycosidae 2 (nomen dubium) Tessarops maritima
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