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Hu, Y. J. (1983). [Descriptions of six species of uloborids from China (Araneae: Uloboridae)]. Journal of Hunan Teachers College (nat. Sci. Ed.) 1983(suppl.): 11-16. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hyptiotes paradoxus Uloboridae 13, f. 6A-E (mf) Hyptiotes paradoxus
Octonoba sybotides Uloboridae 12, f. 3A-G (mf) Octonoba sybotides
Octonoba varians Uloboridae 12, f. 2A-D (f) Octonoba varians
Philoponella nasuta Uloboridae 13, f. 5A-B (m, lapsus) Philoponella nastus
Philoponella prominens Uloboridae 12, f. 4A-F (mf) Philoponella prominens
Uloborus walckenaerius Uloboridae 11, f. 1A-J (mf) Uloborus walckenaerius
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