Included taxa

Pichka, V. E. (1983). [New spider species of the USSR fauna]. Vestnik Zoologii 1983(3): 3-7. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Agyneta affinis Linyphiidae 3, f. 1 (m) Aprolagus beatus
Incestophantes crucifer Linyphiidae 3, f. 2 (f) Bolyphantes crucifer
Macrargus carpenteri Linyphiidae 4, f. 5.102 (mf) Macrargus carpenteri
Macrargus rufus Linyphiidae 5, f. 4 (m) Macrargus rufus
Pelecopsis radicicola Linyphiidae 7, f. 6.1-2 (mf) Pelecopsis radicicola
Tenuiphantes flavipes Linyphiidae 3, f. 3 (f) Lepthyphantes flavipes
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